Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cheese and Ini-inis!

Yesterday was such a busy day that I was too zonked to type anything by the time we managed to get Buzz to sleep.
The day kicked off nice and quietly enough. After the hectic and crazy long-weekend I had planned to lazily spend the day doing laundry and lounging around the house in my pajamas. However it was The Freddie's last day of vacation in The Sun House, so when Freddie called to ask whether we could come out to play we quickly got dressed and went.

Our first stop was the big new park on huge other side of town. The 'little kids' side and the swings are covered with a great sunshade so it was cooler than standing around in use blazing morning sun. The kids had a blast swinging and chasing each other around all over the place.

Our next stop was the Neimi mall area. We were looking for a specific store - so we wandered alllll the way down to one end of the street and then back up to the other end but couldn't find it. The kiddos were hungry for 'izza!' so we stopped at Pizza Hut for some lunch. They devoured their slices while I did another run of the strip to look for the store. Lo and behold it was located directly next to the pizza place, but it was all closed up. Thoroughly bemused, we piled back into the car.

Our next stop was S&S's house for a quick visit. The little people were ecstatic to see their Greats and Little Miss showed off a whole lot of her skills including ABCs, counting, and ballerina-inspired pirouettes.

After saying goodbye to S&S we drove over to The FamBily House. The kiddos were over-zonked so they both took naps. When they woke up we got back in the car and drove out to the BIG mall where we met up with S&S and the kids got to play in the Gymboree for a nice long while.
When the Parentals arrived with Dibble we made our way to Rimon for a birthday dinner in honor of Phil. The funny thing was that Phil was working and as such was unable to join us. She figured things out though, by waiting until the food was arriving at the table then strategically taking her half hour 'lunch break' and showing up to enjoy some delicious Italian Salad with croutons 'on the side' - but literally. Dinner was great fun and highly enjoyable! 

On our way out of the mall after dinner Buzz was thrilled with the gift from S&S that he got to pick out all by himself - a fancy new dump truck! This morning he woke up bright and early to play with it! He even makes beeping noises when the trucks goes in reverse, just like the real thing.
When I woke up at 6:00 this morning I checked my email and found out that the water on our street was scheduled to be turned off for a number of hours beginning at 9am. I figured I might as well make use of the time I had - so I popped out of bed. First I cooked some pasta for Z to take for lunch, along with meat-sauce from the freezer. The dairy and pareve dishes got washed, and I also managed to get 2 loads of laundry done by 9:00am!

I think I've got my Shabbos menu figured out - Rikuda&co will be joining us for the weekend. I'm working on my shopping list and just need to find some time to head out to the grocery store - probably tomorrow evening when z gets home from work.
It's only 9:20am, and now that I've done most of the housework that I was meant to do today I'll have to find other things to occupy my time. Anything water-related will have to wait - like bathing The Buzz, washing the other loads of laundry, and cleaning the mirpeset. I suppose there's nothing stopping me from folding and putting away the mountain of laundry that has accumulated on the computer-desk now that we don't have a computer to use. Or organizing the beds in the guest room so that our guests can use them when the weekend gets here, or straightening up the kitchen pantry, or organizing the bookcases in the living room... Maybe we'll be adventurous and just head over to The FamBily Houseo or we can just be super-extra-lazy and get comfy on the couch and watch tv until the water comes back on. So many choices...

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