Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy Philday!!!

Relatively boring day. I finally washed the meat dishes (yeah, they'd been sitting in the sink since Friday night...) Buzz helped me do a load of laundry - we did a hot white wash and tossed the gunked up netilat yadayim cup in with the load. - everything came out sparkling clean. We picnicked on the filthy, dusty, mirpeset for an impromptu lunch. Tomorrow we're scheduled to wash the floor out there.

When Z got home from work we went out to Osher Ad to do the grocery shopping. I hadn't intended to buy anything for this weekend, but since we're having guests the plan had to be revised. When we finished at the grocery store we split up. The boys took all of the bags to the car and I scoured the upper level of the shopping center for a backpack for Buzz. Unfortunately all of the 'boy' bags seem to have already been bought up - I had to look in over a dozen stores to find own that wasn't overtly feminine. Eventually I managed to find a blue one with a cartoon character on it - at least it's just a cartoon monkey. The kid seemed delighted with his tiny bag. I hope he still likes it when he realizes that we're packing his stuff in it then sending him off to school - alone...

Z did 1/3rd of his job cutting up the chickens that we bought - I have a sneaking suspicion that I will end up finishing that tomorrow. You know, the same way I generally end up doing everything around here.

Speaking of which - I need to write checks for Buzz's gan - I can't believe that we'll be paying over US$6,000  to send him to gan this year. I kid you not, 21,600NIS. It is just not normal - except that evidently it is. After the chagim I'm planning to go back to work full-time. I'm tired just thinking about it. No choice though - as it is funding 'the house that will never be built' is going to take a miracle.

One day at a time though. Tomorrow: dentist appointment (IF the babysitter show up), mirpeset washing, chicken soup cooking, pan-frying chicken breast, FF snickerdoodles, and a bunch of other cleaning-related stuff... Maybe I'll even manage to find space for four people to sleep in my overcrowded mamad. Who knows, crazier things have happened.

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