Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ice Ice Buzzy!

I started this post last week on Thursday - I wrote a paragraph then spaced out and never finalized or posted - so I'll include my original intro along with a quick 'catch-up' blurb...
We started the morning at 6:30. Z left for his dentist appointment at 9:30 as I freaked out over whether our babysitter was going to show up. Thankfully Frank saved our tushes by rolling out of bed and watching Buzz while I dashed out to my appointment at 10:30. Buzz was less than enthused by the idea of being 'babysat' and threw a 15 minute whirlwind tantrum with all of his special features - tears, snot, lying on the floor, and screaming like his big/little heart would explode at any moment. Thankfully he was able to be appeased with some Curious George. I can home to find the kid and the sitter snuggled up with a bag of bamba watching some Daniel Tiger on the iPod.

I honestly don't remember what else happened on Thursday. Friday was a whirlwind of preparation for shabbos. We had Rikuda&co over for the weekend. It was quite the exciting get-together. Shaleshudes at The FamBily House - Rudy and a friend were there too. Our guests stayed over motzash - but left super early on Sunday morning in reorder to make a meeting near their house. Yesterday Buzz and I cleaned up the house from our crazy party weekend. Then we went out to the park for about an hour and a half.

This morning was Buzz's first morning at gan! Z took him and I picked him up. He had a tough time dealing with the fact that we weren't there but the teacher said that during structured activities he had a great time. He was very relived when when I showed up to take him home. We hung out at The FamBily House for a while. When the mailman passed by he dropped off a super special letter for me from Aunt Foo!!! 
Then we went out to the shopping center at Bilu with the Parentals and S&S. It was a delightful few hours. We wandered through the mall, and enjoyed the breeze, and the company. S&S treated us to awesome presents which we really appreciated! After our excursion we went back to The FamBily House and eventually Z came home.

Dinner then we dashed to get Buzz into bed. Thankfully he settled down and conked out after a 'quick' 20 minute bedtime-routine.

Hopefully he'll get lots of rest tonight. If he stays in his own bed I'd be extremely grateful. Hoping for an early morning wake-up so that we can give Buzz a bath before sending him off to gan. Tomorrow pick-up is at 11am - so it's a short-day but I'm planning to relish the quiet while I can.

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