Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Granola is like Bird Seed, but isn't..."

We have been super busy since last week...
On Friday morning we ran out to the grocery store for some last minute items for the weekend. Buzz insisted on wearing the backpack and riding his car. It was highly amusing to watch. 
Shabbos was a ton of fun. Phil and Timmy joined us for lunch and ended up spending the day. Buzz was absolutely thrilled to have a captive aunt and uncle for his own personal entertainment. We did a quick park run but for the most part we basked in the air-conditioning.
Sadly on Saturday night I wasn't feeling too great. When Sunday morning rolled around and I wasn't feeling much better I became slightly paranoid that my food had poisoned everybody. Thankfully Phil and Timmy assured me that they were feeling fine. Buzz and Z were also feeling ok, so it was just me who was out of sorts
Sunday dragged by - it took like what seemed forever. In the span of two minutes when I spaced out at around 6:30PM, Buzz conked out. Z had decided to stay at work late in order to sit with his boss on some info for the house plans - which was great - but also bad since the kid conked out so early.
Monday wasn't decidedly better for me considering the kid woke up for the day at a little before 5am. At some point I found the strength to wash all of the dairy dishes that were still sitting in the sink for Shabbos - but that wiped me out for the remainder of the day. When Z got home from work we went out to the mall to let Buzz burn off some of his over-abundant energy stores.
Last night I decided that my prolonged symptoms were most likely characteristic of a virus of sorts - but I decided to book an appointment with the dr just to be sure. However my 'usual' GP is not in on Tuesdays and also I had no idea what to do with my (adorable but rambunctious) 2 year old (who refuses to even go into buildings bearing the health-clinic symbol because we definitely emotionally scarred him with the whole hospital thing...)
Luckily my friend was able to suggest another awesome GP. The catch - his office is in RBS. Thankfully Z agreed to go in to work late so that I could go to the dr. He also drove me to the office and kept Buzz entertained at the park while I had my appointment. (How awesome is he?!) Luckily the dr. agreed that I'm most likely just suffering from a virus - but said that I looked rather dehydrated and recommended IV fluids. That turned into a whole different experience where I spent an hour hooked up to a drip in a  comfy chair in the nurses office of the local medical-clinic. I got a big awesome surprise when my mom showed up to take me home. Or to her home at any rate - since that's where Z and Buzz had ended up when they left me at the clinic.
Thankfully I am feeling moderately better. I spent the afternoon curled up on a couch at The FamBily House and Z ended up staying home to watch Buzz so that I could rest. Hopefully I'll feel even better tomorrow. Who knows, by Thursday I might even have energy to clean my disaster-area of an apartment and maybe even take Buzz to the park.

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