Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Potato Phone

Wow - a whole week has gone by. I'm not sure how that happened or even what happened on most of the days that I missed.

We spent Shabbos at The FamBily House - because our power was out for a few hours on Friday and I had no clue when it would be back so I wasn't sure when I'd be able to cook. I baked challah at The FamBily House,then we ran home to shower and pack up a bag. It was a nice Shabbos until on Saturday afternoon Micki passed away after a battle with kitty-cancer.

So far this week has been quite quiet. Both yesterday and today I baked. Yesterday it was yeasted goodies - cinnamon buns and pesto rolls. Today Buzz snapped a sweet potato in half while 'cooking' in his little kitchen - so I repurposed it into puree and then turned it into donuts.

Tomorrow The Freddies' Sun-House party begins. Buzz and I will probably head over to the FamBily House at some point.

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