Thursday, August 07, 2014

"Don't put that in your freezer!"

We kicked off the morning on the late side - since we all slept in til 8. Z rushed out to work, while Buzz helped Pablo color with their new markers. We snuggled, baked cookies, played house, and played with some cornstarch and water goo.
After our second round of cornstarch goo, Buzz was covered head to toe in the stuff. Thankfully, he agreed to my suggestion for extended bath time. A little less than an hour of partying in the tub - toys and bath crayons - then he was clean.

He chose his own clothes from the stack of goodies in 'the suitcase'. Then we waited for Z to get home. A delicious dinner of hotdogs and fries. Then (thanks to no-naps fot two days running, and a late-bedtime yesterday) by 8pm Buzz was out for the night.
We enjoyed our long-night by watching the newest Spider-Man movie. At some point Buzz woke up and I had to run to comfort him back to sleep because Z was otherwise occupied (chasing a cockroach around our shoebox sized bathroom.)

My to-do list for tomorrow is half-a-mile long. Can't wait to get it all done so that it can get shabbos so that I can get some 'quiet'-time to read my book!

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