Sunday, August 24, 2014

Quack quack quack...

Last week on Wednesday The Freddies came out to The Sun House for a weeklong vacation at The FamBily House. First Freddie and the Little Miss played at our house, then Buzz and I walked over to The FamBily house and hung out until after dinner.

On Thursday morning I baked a whole lot of cookies. As I finished mixing up the sugar cookies, Yo'Abba picked us up from our house and brought us over to The FamBily House . We spent the rest of the day hanging out with Little Miss while The Freddies were out at work. I shlepped our busted desktop tower to The Parental's for Timmy to look at. When we got home Z's friend called to ask if they could hang out. I couldn't think of any reason why not so he went over and they watched a movie while I baked cookies and prayed there wouldn't be any sirens. All in all it was a fun but crazy day. 

Friday morning kicked off with kneading up a full batch of challah dough - I'm still not sure what possessed me to make so much dough. I ended up shaping: 11 small rolls, 9 medium rolls, and 3 large loaves. I also baked more cookies. Z and Buzz went out to brunch at his friend's house in Ein-Karem. While they were out I: prepped the chicken for dinner, cooked rice, swept the floor, cleared/washed/set the table, got the candles ready, and cleaned up Buzz's assorted scattered toys from all over the house. Eventually SL arrived, since she was staying for the weekend. Z and Buzz got home too. After some showers and last minute things we managed to make early shabbos right on time.

The next morning we woke up and got ourselves ready to head out. We walked over to The FamBily House, where we spent the entire day. Delicious dairy brunch, some rummikub and relaxing, a great fleishigs seudah shlishit, havdalah, and then we got a ride home. Buzz had napped (on Phil's nap - for a nice long hour) but we still managed to get him to sleep at about 9:45.

This morning we woke up super early. Buzz got a bath, we packed up our bags, and then we waited to be picked up. Finally The Parentals arrived. We were running late so instead of taking the train, we drove, to the zoo! Buzz was slightly overwhelmed by the masses of other kids visiting the zoo but he warmed up pretty quickly. (Especially considering that it was 38C in the park.) Lots of monkeys, bears, birds, kangaroos, and even flamingos! It was so much fun. 

After the zoo we went back to The FamBily House. When Z arrived we popped out and checked out a gan for Buzz. We actually signed him up at the end of our tour because it looks like a great program and we've heard great reviews from lots of people.

We then went back to The Parental's for some dinner. Finally we went home and got Buzz into bed. It took him a while to conk out, but it happened eventually.
Tomorrow we have to do some housework. Hopefully we'll get an outing in at some point.

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