Sunday, August 03, 2014

Too Many Dishes...

Friday morning was busy and fun. We went out to RBS and picked up bagels for lunch. We also spent about an hour hanging out with the Sheffs - I even picked up my package of goodies that Shosh had sent to their house for me! Buzz loves the new toy that was in the package and while I'd been hoping to save it for 9b'av he already gave it a place of honor in his bed so I'm glad I've got some puzzles squirreled away for then. By the time we got home it was close to 2pm so I figured that I'd better start the cooking. I decided to be a really nice wife and made a pastel for Z - which came out beautifully and smelled amazing. Ayala paid us a surprise visit and was a huge help since she kept Buzz happy and entertained which meant cooking could progress more quickly than if he was 'helping'. We managed to get everything done and even made early shabbos in hopes of getting Buzz to bed on the early side. It worked and by 8:45 he was fast asleep. We weren't far behind him, conking out at a little after 9:30. It probably would have been earlier but I started reading the book that Abe lent me last week and it is gooood!

Shabbos morning we got off to a late start. Z went to shul while Buzz and I lounged lazily around the house. We did play with some ice, blow bubbles, and read a couple dozen books, but it was all very slow-going. Delicious dairy brunch when Z got home. The broccoli quiche was amazing with it's two cheese combo (cheddar and mozzarella). The thermometer indicated that it was another one of those searingly hot days here in The Sun House so we stayed put until a little after 5pm when we decided that it was time for some fresh air. We decided to mix it up a bit and visit S&S since we hadn't seen them in a while and Buzz is at the tail-end of his cold so it seemed like a great plan. We walked over there with the heat of the day dissipating and the slowly setting sun still warm on our backs.

Buzz had a blast playing and he got love AND ice cream! What more could a kid ask for? Next thing we knew two hours had flown by and we figured we should head out so that we could get Buzz into bed on our newly hard-won sleep schedule (which is: anytime before 9 in fine...). The only thing was that Buzz did NOT want to leave. We managed to convince him that the garden outside was even more beautiful than the toy garden that he was playing with so he agreed to go out and take a look. But he insisted that the toy-garden come with us too. He carried that box home himself, hugging it the whole way. He knows we're just borrowing it - but before he went to sleep he set up a fancy floral arrangement to wake-up to.

This morning we 'slept in' until 7:05. As is our custom Z put fries in the oven then went to turn on the desktop so that we could watch some Curious George. Unfortunately just shy of 6 months short of pumping close to 2000nis into the desktop to get it up and running - it conked out. Dee Eee Dee - Dead. The light flashes for half a second and nothing else happens. I'm pretty annoyed to say the least. So now Buzz and I are both show-less and I can't do any work even if I wanted to which is going to mean a whole lot more yelling and boredom.

I can't wait for gan to start in September. Just 29 more days until I get a blissful 5 hours every morning to myself. I don't think I've ever been so excited about anything in my life.

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