Monday, September 22, 2014


Oh my goodness. Time is rushing on by and I have been remiss in documenting it.
Rosh Hashana happened - we had the Hyams for lunch on the first day, went to The FamBily House for lunch on the second day, then The FamBily came to our house for lunch on the third day, followed by a walk to S&S to sing 'happy birthday' with the cutest little FF vanilly sprinkle cake to celebrate.
Yom Kippur was only yesterday so I remember that in slightly more vivid detail. The gist of the day was personal suffering, or was it penance, or was it I don't know, I really can't tell. All I know is that stupidly I fasted the entire thing then spent last night in agony of dehydration induced muscle cramps that ran the length of my body and invaded every joint on my person. Not to mention the nausea and all the other fun stuff. In summary - I do not fast well anymore. Even if I thought anorexia could resolve my weight issues I'd never be able to stick to it - partly because I like my curves and partly because I rely on food to keep my body going - even though a lot of the time food doesn't like my body and vice versa.
We got off to a late start this morning. Buzz has had a cold - runny nose and cough - for a little over a week now. It's both gross and annoying. We've reach the point where two baths a day isn't enough to keep the snot out of his hair. Sorry for being so graphic, but it's just that the situation is so disgusting I feel this uncontrollable urge to blurt it out - because when a parent doesn't point it out themselves there is a possibility that whatever the issue is has escaped their notice. Well, I am aware. OK?! I know he's oozing everywhere and I am with you - it is DISGUSTING. We have an appointment with the pediatrician scheduled for 8:30 tomorrow morning. I just want the dr to give a quick listen to his chest and make sure his cough is just the usual allergy bark that afflicted me semi-annually from when I was a wee lassie until some point in my mid-twenties.
I didn't do much today. I mean I tried to put the house back in order after Yom Kippur and was moderately successful. I managed to pick Buzz up from gan on time then we went to The FamBily House. Z came home a little early today and helped Yo'Abba put their sukkah up. (We built ours on Erev Yom Kippur because it was the only time we realistically had to do it.) We (mooched and very much) enjoyed a delicious chicken soup with the works dinner at The FamBily House before returning home to attempt bedtime with the Buzz-monster.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to bake my challot and a batch of bagels for Sukkot. I placed an order with shufersol online and it should be delivered at some point tomorrow morning. Then I'm hoping to get a few errands done - my necklace is finally fixed and waiting for me to pick it up - which I am immeasurably excited about.
I may even venture up to RBS in search of a stuffed-toy set of lulav and etrog for Buzz. I think it would be adorable. If I can't find one that I like I suppose I can always plan a bit better and sew one for next year. After all, he's my kid, he'll probably love stuffed animals for at least another ten years or so...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hiya Chaya

Thursday was spent in a tizzy of being busy. I finally prepped and fried the FF empanadas. Thanks to The Crazy Lady's super-mixer I was able to knead up the dough without any intensive labor. The pasta roller and a press made the shaping a breeze - compared to doing it by hand with a rolling pin and fork anyway. 80-somehting empanadas are now safely stowed away in the freezer.
Friday was a crazy busy day. I kicked off with knish-baking. First 27 kasha Knishes (which used up a triple batch of knish dough), then another double batch of dough went far enough to shape 10 potato Knishes. The grand finale of the process was a final double batch of dough which became two-dozen very tasty looking meat Knishes. All in all quite the successful endeavor.
Z brought Akiva&Emunah over to hang out on Friday in the early afternoon. It was nice to see them, but I was glad that there wasn't much cooking left to do. The day dragged on forever and eventually it was candle lighting time. We were so tired from the long day that we all ate a tiny bit of chicken soup then fell asleep before 8pm.
We woke up on the early side for a Shabbat morning, but the kid was fully-charged, so we had no choice. We managed to get out by 9:30 so that we could walk before the heat became unbearable. The walk was nice, Buzz even managed the whole thing on his own two feet. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at The FamBily House with The Parentals, Frank, Dibble, and A&A. We played a few games of Settlers, read some books and newspapers, terrorized some felines (ok, so that was just Buzz), and eventually the day ended. Dibble made havdalah for us then The Crazy Lady drove us home. Ayala came to hang out for a bit because Avi was stuck in the army doing army-stuff all of Saturday night.
This morning was fine. The weather was quite nice so I was excited to turn off the a/c and open the windows. I did some laundry, washed some dishes, cleaned some bathrooms, organized some messes...and did some generally, well, you know, productive-type things.
I managed to hold out until 3:30 to go pick up Buzz from gan. The walk which about 3 weeks ago took me 20 minutes now takes me closer to 15. Doesn't sound like much of a difference, but it is, I can feel it. After pick-up we went down to The FamBily House. Phil was home and Buzz was thrilled to see her (because she hadn't been home for shabbos). They got all dressed up in aprons and made some tortillas together. It was fairly amusing.
Eventually Z showed up and we ran home for bath, dinner, bed. Buzz was none-to-pleased and threw quite the tantrum. Thankfully he was asleep by 7:30.

I'm not even sure what there is to do tomorrow. I mean, my lists are a mile long, but I may be overreaching.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Savta!!!

We got off to a late start this morning. I say that because when we woke up it was already 7:40. (We usually get up an hour earlier than that.) Buzz needed a bath, desperately. Z hadn't packed lunch and there wasn't even anything to pack. Somehow I managed to bathe the kid, get him dressed, pack his bag, cook chicken for Z to take for lunch and I even found some bbq sauce in the freezer and a tiny container to take it in. Finally they were out the door, only 20 minutes late.

I made myself some breakfast and ate it while watching some tv. Then I cooked up a batch of kasha to fill some knishes - only to realize that I am officially out of potatoes (seriously, how often does ~that~ happen to me?!) so the filling will have to wait. I cooked up the sweet and tangy sauce for Hawaaiin Chicken which we'll be serving on the 'third night' of Rosh Hashana.

Eventually the entire day had passed me by. I packed up my bags and headed out the door for my 20 minute trek across town. Luckily for me, at the top of the block I bumped into our old neighbor who was on his way to pick up his son (who happens to be in gan with Buzz). He kindly gave me a lift to the gan. Buzz was so excited to see me. 

We relaxed at The FamBily House for a couple of hours. Buzz chased Frankie and 'walked' the Fuzzle. Eventually Z got back from work.

We piled into the car with Frank and Dibble and drove to the mall. We met up with S&S for a special birthday dinner for Savta! There were some hitches at the end but the company was lovely and the conversation was entertaining and amusing.

We made it home by 9 and Buzz was asleep by 9:30.

No big plans for tomorrow, no real plans to speak of at all actually. I mean, I have a 'to-do' list, but who knows if any of those things will ever get done.

Maybe we'll get to the recycling place or to the grocery store for some vegetables... I guess we'll see!

Monday, September 08, 2014

Purple Shirt Guy

I started typing up this post last week (literally on September 8th) I've decided to post the original few rambling paragraphs in order to highlight the contrast between last week and this one - read on and you will understand my meaning:

Sept. 8:
I am decidedly behind on my holiday-prep. I only sorted out my menus last week, my guests still aren't finalized, and somehow my freezers are ridiculously overstuffed with things. I'm starting to get discouraged and am decidedly frustrated - especially because with Buzz in gan I have a good 6.5 hour stretch in which to accomplish things. In addition, with Z working I've had to do my shopping in small batches which has me all confused.
In good news - Buzz really enjoys being at gan. Unfortunately getting him there every day is a struggle. This morning he decided that if he didn't put on his shoes that he wouldn't have to leave the house. He was proven wrong when I stashed his shoes in his backpack and Z carried him out to the car. I was hoping that maneuver wouldn't be necessary until somewhere in the range of third or fourth grade - but I suppose it's better for it to happen now while he's still 'pocket-sized' and easy to carry.

More whining about my holiday cooking - last week I cooked up a double batch of apple pie filling which (thankfully) used up all of the (otherwise useless) apples. Using the filling I shaped 16 apple turnovers and stashed them in the freezer unbaked. There is enough filling left for at least one big apple pie or 3-4 minis. Yesterday in a fit of overeagerness I prepped 2.5 batches of pie-dough in order to make empanadas. Unfortunately the store didn't have meat in stock so I was unable to make them yesterday. Luckily The Crazy Lady had a kg in her freezer which she 'lent' to me, so this morning I browned 400 grams for empanada filling, and the other 600 grams turned into 85 adorably mini saucepot meatballs. After shaping 58 empanadas I browned the last package of meat in preparation for tomorrow's 'kreplach' making festival. 
The house is fairly neat if you don't look in the kitchen... Then again, I suppose that stands to reason considering most of my time has been spent in the kitchen.

Sept. 15:

I am somewhat in shock at the wave of productivity which took hold of me sometime in the last week. I managed to organize my freezers and then successfully stuffed them with a myriad of delicious things for the upcoming Holy-days. I kid you not. Thus far I have prepared: empanadas stuffed with meat, 90-something kreplach, 4 carrot kugels, 4 rice kugels, 1 kg of shnitzels breaded and fried, peanut butter cookies, brookies, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, two types of sugar cookies, 36 GF/FF potato blintzes, apple turnovers, and two mini apple pies. I've already got my meat stowed away and the chickens are cut up and divided into perfectly portioned bags for each meal. To put it simply I'm feeling rather pleased with myself especially considering there is over a week left to get ready.
I've organized the laundry room to make room for the electric burner a to run on a timer over chag, Buzz's dresser is neat and tidy now that I've removed all the clothes that are too small, my own closet is fairly organized which is a feat in and of itself, I'm all 'caught up' on laundry, I have been obsessive about washing dishes as I dirty them so as to keep the kitchen sinks empty and clean... Basically, the house is looking pretty good. Not surprising considering that now I'm the only one home most of the time.
On the gan front - surprisingly, the day after that morning that Buzz refused to leave the house - he had a complete attitude- adjustment and suddenly he started loving gan. He's happy to go in the morning and when I pick him up in the afternoon he runs to give his ganenet a BIG hug goodbye, then he collects his bag and cup, and off we go. It's adorable and I am so glad that he is enjoying himself. It's great that he's being stimulated and the teachers are really great about keeping the kids engaged. Buzz comes home from gan every day completely wiped out - which is nice for me because it means that bedtime has become a fairly painless routine.
Of course Z and  I are still not quite sure what to do with all of the extra hours that we find yourselves with on a nightly basis. It's been over two years since we had this much free time in the evening and there's not enough tv in the world (well, that we want to watch anyway) to fill it.
Buzz loves that every day after picking him up from gan we walk over to The Fambily House. He gets to nosh on cornflakes and watch Curious George on the big screen. What more could a kid want?

Anyway - to summarize - things are going pretty well here. Z is working on the house, Buzz is doing great, and I'm being somewhat productive. Yay us!

More some time in the near-ish future - I hope...


Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Black Came Back!

At 9am Z dropped me off at The FamBily House - to spare me the walk across town at 10:30. Phil was in the kitchen when I arrived and I managed to 'convince' her that we should make ourselves some breakfast. A delicious potato 'thing' and a 1-egg cheese omelette later we were feasting well suddenly the doorbell rang...

The dog began his frenzied barking. Phil went to the door in a confused daze and opened the door - a shaliach from the post office was waiting with an incredibly heavy box. Phil signed for the package, then pushed the box inside because it was too heavy to lift. "Who ordered what?!" She asked (somewhat annoyed that she had been left with the responsibility of signing for the package which generally indicates that there are taxes due on the parcel.)
We dragged the heavy box inside and stared at it slightly confused. Upon further inspection we noticed that Phil's name was listed as the intended recipient. Only a full two minutes later did Phil spring excitedly into action, "I know what it is!" She cried. "I ordered something the other day!!!" Victoriously she cut through the tape that held the box shut.
Turns out Phil had ordered gifts for The Parentals and herself. We wrapped up the 'gift' box then did some mental gymnastics coming up with the perfect letter to attach to it. I think the end result was pretty much perfect.
I picked Buzz up from his second day at gan and we spent the rest of the day lounging around The FamBily House. Buzz's teacher said that although he had a frantic freak-out when Z left after dropping him off, that he calmed down pretty quickly. The rest of the day was spent playing happily. So much so that when I went to pick him up he was so busy playing that I had to wait until he was 'finished' to collect his bag and head home. It was heartening and adorable all at the same time.
The day was long but we kept busy. Eventually Z came back from work. We dine&dash-ed as we are wont to do when Buzz is overtired and crabby and it's 'that time of night'. Buzz attempted to kidnap The Crazy Lady but she managed to make it safely back to her home much to his chagrin - mostly mollified by the thought of seeing her again tomorrow.
Til then...