Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Black Came Back!

At 9am Z dropped me off at The FamBily House - to spare me the walk across town at 10:30. Phil was in the kitchen when I arrived and I managed to 'convince' her that we should make ourselves some breakfast. A delicious potato 'thing' and a 1-egg cheese omelette later we were feasting well suddenly the doorbell rang...

The dog began his frenzied barking. Phil went to the door in a confused daze and opened the door - a shaliach from the post office was waiting with an incredibly heavy box. Phil signed for the package, then pushed the box inside because it was too heavy to lift. "Who ordered what?!" She asked (somewhat annoyed that she had been left with the responsibility of signing for the package which generally indicates that there are taxes due on the parcel.)
We dragged the heavy box inside and stared at it slightly confused. Upon further inspection we noticed that Phil's name was listed as the intended recipient. Only a full two minutes later did Phil spring excitedly into action, "I know what it is!" She cried. "I ordered something the other day!!!" Victoriously she cut through the tape that held the box shut.
Turns out Phil had ordered gifts for The Parentals and herself. We wrapped up the 'gift' box then did some mental gymnastics coming up with the perfect letter to attach to it. I think the end result was pretty much perfect.
I picked Buzz up from his second day at gan and we spent the rest of the day lounging around The FamBily House. Buzz's teacher said that although he had a frantic freak-out when Z left after dropping him off, that he calmed down pretty quickly. The rest of the day was spent playing happily. So much so that when I went to pick him up he was so busy playing that I had to wait until he was 'finished' to collect his bag and head home. It was heartening and adorable all at the same time.
The day was long but we kept busy. Eventually Z came back from work. We dine&dash-ed as we are wont to do when Buzz is overtired and crabby and it's 'that time of night'. Buzz attempted to kidnap The Crazy Lady but she managed to make it safely back to her home much to his chagrin - mostly mollified by the thought of seeing her again tomorrow.
Til then...

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