Monday, September 22, 2014


Oh my goodness. Time is rushing on by and I have been remiss in documenting it.
Rosh Hashana happened - we had the Hyams for lunch on the first day, went to The FamBily House for lunch on the second day, then The FamBily came to our house for lunch on the third day, followed by a walk to S&S to sing 'happy birthday' with the cutest little FF vanilly sprinkle cake to celebrate.
Yom Kippur was only yesterday so I remember that in slightly more vivid detail. The gist of the day was personal suffering, or was it penance, or was it I don't know, I really can't tell. All I know is that stupidly I fasted the entire thing then spent last night in agony of dehydration induced muscle cramps that ran the length of my body and invaded every joint on my person. Not to mention the nausea and all the other fun stuff. In summary - I do not fast well anymore. Even if I thought anorexia could resolve my weight issues I'd never be able to stick to it - partly because I like my curves and partly because I rely on food to keep my body going - even though a lot of the time food doesn't like my body and vice versa.
We got off to a late start this morning. Buzz has had a cold - runny nose and cough - for a little over a week now. It's both gross and annoying. We've reach the point where two baths a day isn't enough to keep the snot out of his hair. Sorry for being so graphic, but it's just that the situation is so disgusting I feel this uncontrollable urge to blurt it out - because when a parent doesn't point it out themselves there is a possibility that whatever the issue is has escaped their notice. Well, I am aware. OK?! I know he's oozing everywhere and I am with you - it is DISGUSTING. We have an appointment with the pediatrician scheduled for 8:30 tomorrow morning. I just want the dr to give a quick listen to his chest and make sure his cough is just the usual allergy bark that afflicted me semi-annually from when I was a wee lassie until some point in my mid-twenties.
I didn't do much today. I mean I tried to put the house back in order after Yom Kippur and was moderately successful. I managed to pick Buzz up from gan on time then we went to The FamBily House. Z came home a little early today and helped Yo'Abba put their sukkah up. (We built ours on Erev Yom Kippur because it was the only time we realistically had to do it.) We (mooched and very much) enjoyed a delicious chicken soup with the works dinner at The FamBily House before returning home to attempt bedtime with the Buzz-monster.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to bake my challot and a batch of bagels for Sukkot. I placed an order with shufersol online and it should be delivered at some point tomorrow morning. Then I'm hoping to get a few errands done - my necklace is finally fixed and waiting for me to pick it up - which I am immeasurably excited about.
I may even venture up to RBS in search of a stuffed-toy set of lulav and etrog for Buzz. I think it would be adorable. If I can't find one that I like I suppose I can always plan a bit better and sew one for next year. After all, he's my kid, he'll probably love stuffed animals for at least another ten years or so...

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