Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Chocolate Juice!

My kid is crazy. Lately he's been refusing to change into pajamas before bedtime but he doesn't want to wear his clothes from the day either. He just wants to sleep in a diaper. Based on this behavior I have begun to wonder whether he might not actually be my kid. Oh wait he's crazy, never mind, he must be mine. Have I mentioned that in addition to refusing all clothing at nighttime he refuses to sleep in his bed? Yup, my nude except for a diaper kid would rather sleep wrapped up in a blanket on the rug on the floor than in his bed. Why are kids so weird?!?!
This morning routine went as usual. Z and Buzz left on time. I wasted some time choosing breakfast, then I washed the mirpeset and everything on it, then I luxuriated in a long shower (with nobody walking in on me or calling my name or coughing fits - it was amazing!) I had a snack before heading out to S&S's house.
After an enjoyable and successful visit Saba drove me home. Then I ate a snack while I waited to be picked up. Freddie and The Munchkin were in town today so we all went on a grand adventure at Osher Ad with The Crazy Lady! The Munchkin rode in my cart and helped me choose produce and put everything into the cart.
Buzz was very cheery when I picked him up from gan. He grew even more excited when I told him that his cousin was waiting for him at The FamBily House - so much so that we ran the rest of the way back! They played together so nicely for the most part. Freddie made delicious scrambled eggs for dinner. We debated the merit of cucumber shapes - sticks vs. coins. And of course there was feta cheese for everybody!
When we walked into the house the first thing that Buzz saw was the brand new robot- vacuum. His eyes lit up and a smile spread from ear-to-ear - obviously (and in his mind logically) he assumed that it was a present for him. The squeals of glee while Z opened the box and assembled everything were hysterically funny to hear. Finally it was time to charge the battery - Buzz refused to abandon his post and is waiting patiently for the machine to be fully charged. He wants to sleep in the dining room where the vacuum is charging.

I guess it's a good thing that we live not only in The Middle East, but in The Sun House of all cities. It's a balmy 25C tonight (warmer than it was all summer with the air-conditioned blasting) so he should be fine.

Wearing only a diaper, wrapped up in his blanket, on the floor of the dining room, the boy waits.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ummm, Yeah!

Well, it's officially 'after the chagim'. Gan has gone back to normal and Z's work schedule is almost back to normal. While I should be getting back into regular-posting mode, it may take another week or so to get myself together for more frequent postings.

I have had an interesting last two weeks to say the least. Allergies kicked up around the start of sukkot, they progressed into a really horrific stomach virus situation, which eventually resolved itself, but left my immune system shot so when my allergies kicked up again they greedily morphed into an all out upper respiratory infection that included the 'special EPolly Clan' hacking cough. Suffice it to say - the only sleep I've gotten in the last week has been in the last two days and that was with the assistance of codeine laced antihistamines. I've gone to the dr three times, spent two hours on an IV drip for fluids due to dehydration (even though I drank over 2liters of liquid!), visited four pharmacies... All in all - a rollicking good time for everybody but me. The good news is - I'm getting better - it's just a slower-going process than I have patience for.

Although the shift in weather is part of the underlying cause of my discomfort - I'm thrilled that everything is finally cooling down. Seriously though, this morning I gave Buzz a sweatshirt to wear for the ride to gan because it was only 60F out! (Yes, laugh now. For the record it was 64F by 9am, and 70F when I picked him up this afternoon and we went to the windy park at the top of the hill.) Yay fuzzy socks, sweatpants, and boots, I have missed you so much!

My plan for the rest of the week is basically just to rest and regain my strength. Today I managed to get four loads of laundry folded and put away, and I swept the floor. I also prepped a dinner that Z was too impatient to wait for so who knows what will happen to it now.

I'm out of witty or interesting things to write - mostly because I'm so very very tired. Hopefully I'll be back soon - slightly less drugged up and decidedly more informative.

Monday, October 13, 2014

DumB Concert.

Alright Phil - don't be mad - I made risotto for dinner tonight. Tomato Basil Risotto to be exact. I made 1.5 cups of raw rice with the express intention of letting most of it chill and turning the 'intentional leftovers' into arancini tomorrow. Only problem was that it was so delicious that we ate more than I had anticipated. Basically, there's enough for arancini but there will probably be only enough arancini for one person. Hehe, foodie-problems.
You may remember that my last post mentioned Buzz and the unpleasantness - so that's actually still going on - every single night. It is gross, and exhausting, and I am decidedly tired of it. Sadly, it's a combo of post-nasal-drip and a virus AND he was kind enough to share with me. There's nothing to be done but drink lots of tea and fluids, and rest. The most frustrating part is that we feel relatively fine during the day which makes Buzz antsy to go out of the house and do fun things. I've been confining his outings to the local park but he spends all day begging to go to The FamBily House. It's really heartbreaking.
Today Z came home from work early to take care of me since I was feeling decidedly 'blech'. He stopped off at the store and picked up my favorite iced tea so that I'd have something to drink that I would enjoy.
Hard to believe that we're halfway through sukkot already. Our sukkah feels like it has been getting minimal usage which is kind of sad. Our neighbors on the other hand have been noisily making sure that theirs does not feel in the least bit neglected. In exciting news the weather is finally normalizing and the evenings have been cooling down enough that we can sleep comfortably sans air-conditioning.
Hopefully tomorrow we'll both be feeling much better. Maybe we'll even manage to make that long awaited, highly anticipated, pizza for dinner. (see photo above)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Abi Sabbabi!

I spent the beginning of the week baking challah and bagels. I also ran approximately a zillion errands. My favorite errand was picking up my (now repaired) necklace chain from the jeweler it broke about a month ago and I felt so nekkid without it around my neck.

Our sukkah is adorable this year. As is our 'tradition' decorations were kept to a relative minimum - just a strand of twinkle lights, (the fogginikin!) plastic chain (that I spent 4.5 hours making), and a rice lamp globe to diffuse the brightness of the light. We also managed to hang one of the decorations that Buzz made in gan.

For chag we were joined by all contingencies of Z's immediate family who reside in The Holy Land. We all made our way across town for lunch at The FamBily House. (A&A were there too!) Then we each made the trek back to our place to see some friends.

Dinner was a simple meal:
Onion crumb challah, chumus, saucepot meatballs, 'regular roasted' chicken (on carrots/potatoes/onions), jasmine rice, green beans.

Uncle Abe honored us with havdalah in the sukkah. Then the skies started drizzling again (I say again because we ate our meal on chag getting misted through the schach by a sudden passing rain-shower.)

Somehow it turned into movie night at our place - and the movie choice was 'Galaxy Quest' - (obviously) highly voted for by the Nemdy contingency.

Everything was good until around 3am when Buzz (who had migrated to his usual spot in our bed) coughed trying to clear his throat and ended up throwing up in our bedS - everywhere and on everything. He's fine, totally not sick or anything, just had a tickle in his throat and havoc ensued. It took about an hour of frenzied cleaning but we got the situation more-or-less under control. Then I just couldn't fall back asleep.

Here I am after a chag, it's erev shabbos, and I'm wide awake for the day running on less than 5 hours of sleep. Hopefully I'll get to sleep early tonight.

Happy Tabernacles to you all, and I'll be back eventually. Maybe even with some pictures!