Friday, October 10, 2014

Abi Sabbabi!

I spent the beginning of the week baking challah and bagels. I also ran approximately a zillion errands. My favorite errand was picking up my (now repaired) necklace chain from the jeweler it broke about a month ago and I felt so nekkid without it around my neck.

Our sukkah is adorable this year. As is our 'tradition' decorations were kept to a relative minimum - just a strand of twinkle lights, (the fogginikin!) plastic chain (that I spent 4.5 hours making), and a rice lamp globe to diffuse the brightness of the light. We also managed to hang one of the decorations that Buzz made in gan.

For chag we were joined by all contingencies of Z's immediate family who reside in The Holy Land. We all made our way across town for lunch at The FamBily House. (A&A were there too!) Then we each made the trek back to our place to see some friends.

Dinner was a simple meal:
Onion crumb challah, chumus, saucepot meatballs, 'regular roasted' chicken (on carrots/potatoes/onions), jasmine rice, green beans.

Uncle Abe honored us with havdalah in the sukkah. Then the skies started drizzling again (I say again because we ate our meal on chag getting misted through the schach by a sudden passing rain-shower.)

Somehow it turned into movie night at our place - and the movie choice was 'Galaxy Quest' - (obviously) highly voted for by the Nemdy contingency.

Everything was good until around 3am when Buzz (who had migrated to his usual spot in our bed) coughed trying to clear his throat and ended up throwing up in our bedS - everywhere and on everything. He's fine, totally not sick or anything, just had a tickle in his throat and havoc ensued. It took about an hour of frenzied cleaning but we got the situation more-or-less under control. Then I just couldn't fall back asleep.

Here I am after a chag, it's erev shabbos, and I'm wide awake for the day running on less than 5 hours of sleep. Hopefully I'll get to sleep early tonight.

Happy Tabernacles to you all, and I'll be back eventually. Maybe even with some pictures!

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