Monday, October 13, 2014

DumB Concert.

Alright Phil - don't be mad - I made risotto for dinner tonight. Tomato Basil Risotto to be exact. I made 1.5 cups of raw rice with the express intention of letting most of it chill and turning the 'intentional leftovers' into arancini tomorrow. Only problem was that it was so delicious that we ate more than I had anticipated. Basically, there's enough for arancini but there will probably be only enough arancini for one person. Hehe, foodie-problems.
You may remember that my last post mentioned Buzz and the unpleasantness - so that's actually still going on - every single night. It is gross, and exhausting, and I am decidedly tired of it. Sadly, it's a combo of post-nasal-drip and a virus AND he was kind enough to share with me. There's nothing to be done but drink lots of tea and fluids, and rest. The most frustrating part is that we feel relatively fine during the day which makes Buzz antsy to go out of the house and do fun things. I've been confining his outings to the local park but he spends all day begging to go to The FamBily House. It's really heartbreaking.
Today Z came home from work early to take care of me since I was feeling decidedly 'blech'. He stopped off at the store and picked up my favorite iced tea so that I'd have something to drink that I would enjoy.
Hard to believe that we're halfway through sukkot already. Our sukkah feels like it has been getting minimal usage which is kind of sad. Our neighbors on the other hand have been noisily making sure that theirs does not feel in the least bit neglected. In exciting news the weather is finally normalizing and the evenings have been cooling down enough that we can sleep comfortably sans air-conditioning.
Hopefully tomorrow we'll both be feeling much better. Maybe we'll even manage to make that long awaited, highly anticipated, pizza for dinner. (see photo above)

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