Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Chocolate Juice!

My kid is crazy. Lately he's been refusing to change into pajamas before bedtime but he doesn't want to wear his clothes from the day either. He just wants to sleep in a diaper. Based on this behavior I have begun to wonder whether he might not actually be my kid. Oh wait he's crazy, never mind, he must be mine. Have I mentioned that in addition to refusing all clothing at nighttime he refuses to sleep in his bed? Yup, my nude except for a diaper kid would rather sleep wrapped up in a blanket on the rug on the floor than in his bed. Why are kids so weird?!?!
This morning routine went as usual. Z and Buzz left on time. I wasted some time choosing breakfast, then I washed the mirpeset and everything on it, then I luxuriated in a long shower (with nobody walking in on me or calling my name or coughing fits - it was amazing!) I had a snack before heading out to S&S's house.
After an enjoyable and successful visit Saba drove me home. Then I ate a snack while I waited to be picked up. Freddie and The Munchkin were in town today so we all went on a grand adventure at Osher Ad with The Crazy Lady! The Munchkin rode in my cart and helped me choose produce and put everything into the cart.
Buzz was very cheery when I picked him up from gan. He grew even more excited when I told him that his cousin was waiting for him at The FamBily House - so much so that we ran the rest of the way back! They played together so nicely for the most part. Freddie made delicious scrambled eggs for dinner. We debated the merit of cucumber shapes - sticks vs. coins. And of course there was feta cheese for everybody!
When we walked into the house the first thing that Buzz saw was the brand new robot- vacuum. His eyes lit up and a smile spread from ear-to-ear - obviously (and in his mind logically) he assumed that it was a present for him. The squeals of glee while Z opened the box and assembled everything were hysterically funny to hear. Finally it was time to charge the battery - Buzz refused to abandon his post and is waiting patiently for the machine to be fully charged. He wants to sleep in the dining room where the vacuum is charging.

I guess it's a good thing that we live not only in The Middle East, but in The Sun House of all cities. It's a balmy 25C tonight (warmer than it was all summer with the air-conditioned blasting) so he should be fine.

Wearing only a diaper, wrapped up in his blanket, on the floor of the dining room, the boy waits.

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