Monday, October 20, 2014

Ummm, Yeah!

Well, it's officially 'after the chagim'. Gan has gone back to normal and Z's work schedule is almost back to normal. While I should be getting back into regular-posting mode, it may take another week or so to get myself together for more frequent postings.

I have had an interesting last two weeks to say the least. Allergies kicked up around the start of sukkot, they progressed into a really horrific stomach virus situation, which eventually resolved itself, but left my immune system shot so when my allergies kicked up again they greedily morphed into an all out upper respiratory infection that included the 'special EPolly Clan' hacking cough. Suffice it to say - the only sleep I've gotten in the last week has been in the last two days and that was with the assistance of codeine laced antihistamines. I've gone to the dr three times, spent two hours on an IV drip for fluids due to dehydration (even though I drank over 2liters of liquid!), visited four pharmacies... All in all - a rollicking good time for everybody but me. The good news is - I'm getting better - it's just a slower-going process than I have patience for.

Although the shift in weather is part of the underlying cause of my discomfort - I'm thrilled that everything is finally cooling down. Seriously though, this morning I gave Buzz a sweatshirt to wear for the ride to gan because it was only 60F out! (Yes, laugh now. For the record it was 64F by 9am, and 70F when I picked him up this afternoon and we went to the windy park at the top of the hill.) Yay fuzzy socks, sweatpants, and boots, I have missed you so much!

My plan for the rest of the week is basically just to rest and regain my strength. Today I managed to get four loads of laundry folded and put away, and I swept the floor. I also prepped a dinner that Z was too impatient to wait for so who knows what will happen to it now.

I'm out of witty or interesting things to write - mostly because I'm so very very tired. Hopefully I'll be back soon - slightly less drugged up and decidedly more informative.

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