Saturday, November 08, 2014


Happy healthy new week everybody! I know I said I'd be getting into more regular blogging, but obviously 'life' had other plans. More coughing and allergy attacks, two more visits to the doctor, a very infected finger which got me stuck with a week of antibiotics and a stern note-to-self that nail-biting is a filthy and potentially dangerous habit... All a week in the life of me, right? Right.
Anyway, as I mentioned I'm halfway through a round of antibiotics which Buzz finds absolutely hysterical because he seems to consider it fair turnabout for continually shoving mucolit down his throat to ease his allergy-related congestion. I mean, I only do it three times a day... I just can't understand why it bothers him so much. Yeah, two year olds.
Last week was actually quite a productive one considering I didn't have use of my right hand for a couple of days. (Good thing I'm left-handed, right?!) The house got cleaned, I baked a whole bunch of cookies, explored some more job-options, organized my freezers, washed dishes wearing double layers of gloves and petrified of breaking all the breakables, and I even found time to prep dinners in the earlier part of the day so that meals could be easily made when we got home...
Buzz and I have been venturing out to the BigPark after gan more often than not. This week we experienced the first super-downpour of the season. (Which flooded the machsan level of our building despite the thousands of shekels that the vaad bayit threw into 'shipputzim' last month. Don't worry, everything in our machsan is raised on wooden pallets. Inexplicably as water fills the halls and flows into the machsanim it completely bypasses ours. It may be a fluke in our favor that the tiles weren't laid straight near the door or it could be a sign from the heavens telling us... Well, I'm not sure what, but I appreciate it all the same.)
Yesterday morning was exciting for me because I got to go on a shopping spree. Four or five years ago I decided to sign up for a 'members' card at a clothing store. Two years ago the store joined up with a bunch of other stores and began offering a card together. I knew in the back of my mind that this card accrued points, but there was never any way to check the balance or sales that made finding out how many point I had worthwhile. Until this past week when I was informed that ringing up 150nis of merchandise would allow me to use my points but that my points would be worth double their value, and ringing up 300nis of merchandise would triple the value of the points! They even printed out a little slip to let me know how many point I had at my disposal. I was ecstatic at the thought of free shopping! Turns out that all those random baby clothes, wedding gifts, housewares I've collected over the last few years, and even my wardrobe staple v-neck tees, had helped me accrue just shy of 300points.

I forced Z to accompany me to the mall. First we did the responsible thing and checked the clothing store to determine whether there was anything that he liked (the guy really needs a new wardrobe - it's been like 6 years since he got more than a new pair of jeans). He tried some stuff on but none of it really 'called' to him. Which is how I ended up with 920nis to spend as I wished...

I started with the fun small things. A 4-cup measuring cup for pesach, a potato masher, a jumbo pancake flipper spatula, a new corkscrew, a pretty colorful tablecloth that will actually fit my table, cutting boards to replace my way overused ones... Then we moved to the bedding. I couldn't say no to another pair of super-soft fuzzy wuzzy blankets. Now I need to decide whether to keep them in my room or to put them in the guest room. But we still had more points to use. We looked high and low, debated, pondered, thought about not using all the points... Then we saw them. Pillows. Brand new, comfy, head-cradling, just the right amount of hard-support, pillows!!! We've been using our pillows nightly for the last almost 7 years. We decided that since it was 'free' anyway we may as well splurge.

As we piled the mountain of merchandise onto the counter Z muttered, 'I bet there's a catch. There's no way we're going to walk out of here without them trying to get us to pay at least 300nis for all of this stuff. There's no such thing as a worthwhile deal in this country.' But lo and behold - she rang up everything and calculated the points (while I held my breath and prayed because the till read a heart-stoppingly high number) then she hit the button and the discount came off. We packed up our goodies and hightailed it out of there before the store policy-makers came to their senses.
Shabbos was actually really nice. For dinner I pulled chicken soup out of the freezer, and threw a whole chicken into the crockpot with some carrots, onions, potatoes, seasonings, a healthy glug of dry red wine, and 1.5 cups of tomato sauce. Buzz conked out on the couch at 5:45pm so Z and I enjoyed a quiet romantical dinner. We opted to read in bed since Buzz was taking up most of a couch. The kid slept until 10:30pm when he moved into our bed. Then at 6am I moved to the couch in Buzz's room because the humidifier was still running on low and two hours of sleeping in there did wonders for soothing my scratchy throat and my dry itchy eyes. Totally worth it. Buzz slept in this morning, hence my 8am 'late' wakeup. That almost never happens but I didn't mind at all.
This morning we walked over to The FamBily House. We enjoyed a delicious lunch - cholent, pumpkin kugel, rice kugel, salatim, and (by request) potato kugel. It was warm and filling. We relaxed there allllll day long. Buzz shlepped Z out to the BigPark for a while, there were a few tantrums, the dog buried a teddy in the newspaper basket, and ff brittle for all. All in all a fun day. The Crazy Lady was awesome and even drove us home after havdala.

Buzz didn't go to sleep until 8:30, and now it's 9 and Z is washing the dishes from last night. There is a lot to get done this week but I'm not even thinking about that now. I too busy enjoying the delightful 23C weather and the cool breeze. Tomorrow I think I may bake some more of those sprinkle cookies that Buzz loved so much. We shall see.

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