Monday, November 10, 2014


Fairly boring day.

Cleaned the floor, straightened up the house, folded laundry, pulled a muscle in my chest, didn't answer the door for strangers, (finally) sent the sewing machine off to be looked at, cleared off the disaster of a coffee table in my bedroom, picked the kid up from gan, watched Timmy make the kid into a flying burrito, Z 'made dinner' (he heated up leftover chicken soup from shabbos), battled 5cc of mucolit into the kid, kissed George a million and two times (estimated number - rounding up), placed an online grocery order which should be delivered tomorrow morning between 11am-1pm.

Productive enough, successful enough, more than a bit mundane.

As I said, fairly boring day.

Considering homemade ricotta cheese, and ravioli tomorrow... Undecided on whether it will actually happen. But it's good to dream.

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