Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I must have jinxed myself posting so many days in a row. Z and I spent Friday morning price-comparing tiles at a few local stores. (Yup, it's almost time to choose the innards for the house - people, we have progress!)

Shabbos was the last really exciting thing that happened. A&A joined us for dinner and brought their fuzzy-baby along with them - Buzz was amused but after a quick sniff and a glare they settled down to ignore each other for the remainder of the evening. We walked over to The FamBily House for lunch, and that was fun because The Freddies were in town! Buzz loves spending time with his cousin! Yes he does!
Sunday ushered in the loudest storm that a I can remember in the last few years. It seemed situated directly above our building and the thunder was SO intense that when it broke I ran to the window to make sure there hadn't been a bad car accident. It was terrifying - but also very cool. (I'm not actually scared of storms - though I prefer to be safely inside during them...) Luckily (for me) the rain cleared up in time to head out and pick Buzz up from gan.

Though Sunday morning was rainy and overcast by the afternoon the sky was a brilliant blue and the clouds were puffy and white. Monday was quite bleak looking and I actually wore a sweater for gan pickup. The sweater turned out to have been a good idea because the sky while dramatically breathtaking decided to sunshower on our heads as we made our way to The FamBily House.
This morning Buzz woke up with a crusty eye. (Yup, I heard that sharp intake of breath all you parents out there - you know what's coming...) We cleaned him up and made an appointment with the doctor. Pink eye - no doubt about it. Now we have five days of drops to get through. I managed it on my own this morning - but I basically had to sit on him. I'm glad that Z will be around for the remainder of the doses. Thankfully since I was successful at dosing him this morning, he'll be fine to go to gan tomorrow.

Today was a 'quality time' day. I haven't had Buzz home alone with me for a full day in months. We went out to the park, we colored, we did laundry (yes, I'm a crazy person and spent the day washing all of the bedding that Buzz had burrowed his face into in the last few days... Between pink eye contagion and my hot-water-bottle snafu (it desiccated over the summer and ended up leaking 6 cups of water all over my bed last night when I fell asleep holding it...) Anyway 4 full loads later and I'm finally done.)
Tomorrow things will be 'back to normal' (or whatever passes for that here.) I'm hoping to get my chicken soup cooked tomorrow and also to bake challah! I'm already looking forward to next shabbos. I'm still trying to decide whether to make Yemenite soup for dinner or a roast. We're out of chicken in the freezer stash so it's time to use the red meat! Woop!

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