Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Chozer L'chalal...

Yesterday I was quite the industrious housewife. I kicked off the day by cooking up a batch of homemade 'ricotta' (some might call it farmers cheese, but the recipe I followed named it as ricotta.) It seemed like a good use for 7cups of milk set to expire in the very near future. I got about 1.5-2 cups of soft creamy cheese so it seems like a worthwhile enough venture.
Ayala and her new 4-legged-friend stopped by to say hi. They hung out for about an hour then they were off to start their day. I had some breakfast while relaxing. Then I mixed up a batch of Annie's pasta dough - the combo of semolina was quite nice though I did 1semolina:2APflour.

With the help of my fancy shmancy pasta roller the dough was flat in 'no time'. Then I filled, closed, and cookie-cut, my raviolis. I got about 60 out of the batch, and I only reused part of the scraps which gave me an additional 30 tortellinis. It was a pretty exciting venture.
Today I figured I may as well keep up the charade of being a dutiful housewife. I stuck a load of laundry into the machine, washed the dishes from in both sinks, washed the sinks, cleaned the cooktop (along with the grates and hub-tops - though there must be an official name for them), used The Crazy Lady's new stove-fixamajig to open the holes in the burner hubs - and now I have four fully functional burners again instead of just two!
Z dropped me off at the post office on his way out to work this morning. I was thrilled to pick up my book-depository order which had finally arrived! Now I have books to read on shabbos!! To say that I am excited would be an understatement. I enjoyed the brisk walk back down the hill in the 'chilly' 58F weather.
I made a new acquaintance at gan pick-up. One of the other moms was having some stroller-difficulties. The front wheel had popped off of her 3-wheel double stroller. She had a 15 minute uphill walk ahead of her with a sleepy toddler and a baby. I offered to take a look to see whether I could reattach the wheel. I figured that even a temporary fix would be better than pushing a stroller up cardiac-hill, balanced on the back wheels, with two kids in it... I managed to secure the wheel back on (with Buzz offering his advice and opinions as to which way and what should be where...) I am hopeful that it made it home at the very least. I guess I'll find out at some point. It did give me the chance to introduce myself and make an attempt at being sociable. 
At The FamBily House, Buzz was happy to eat bamba and cornflakes and terrorize the animals. Timmy gave him 'burrito treatment' and they twirled around a whole lot. Frank and Dibble came home and Buzz was super excited to see everybody. His excitement grew when we told him that Phil would be coming home for the weekend. 

When Z arrived we made our way home. I threw together meat sauce and pasta for dinner but Buzz and I opted for leftover chicken from last shabbos instead. Z didn't mind, more for him.

I was mean and after dinner I made Z clear the drying racks and wash the dishes. After all, I already did it once today.

Tomorrow maybe a trip to Osher Ad, more laundry, I need to organize my closet, and I should really do some of the cooking for shabbos... In exciting news The Freddies will be coming to the Sun House for shabbos - so we'll be spending Saturday at The FamBily House with them. Buzz is SO excited!

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