Sunday, November 09, 2014

I'll ride the bike!

Wow! So today was actually a great day! We had a relatively good night's sleep thanks to our new best friend 'misty' (our humidifier). Buzz slept in until almost 8 this morning, it was insane - even though he spent over 45 pointlessly screaming in the middle of the night - he managed to get in almost 11 hours of sleep.

We definitely got off to a late start, but I decided to make the morning count.
I mixed up a batch of jumbo sized chocolate chip muffins, put in a load of laundry, then mixed up a batch of Buzz's favorite cookie. I also cleaned the shabbos urn (yay citric acid!) and cleaned the humidifier (yay vinegar!) I made the beds (though I'm not sure why) then spent a couple of hours curled up with a hot water bottle (since it seemed like a waste to spill out all of the water from the urn I filled my bottle before cleaning out the appliance.)

Gan pickup was an hour early today because the assistant ganenet became a Savta (again) and the brit-milah was to afternoon. Buzz didn't mind the change in schedule, because it meant an extra hour at The FamBily House. Frank decided to make pizza for dinner, but we ended up running out 20 minutes before it was ready to eat.

Z made it home in record time and we managed to pick up a package at the post-office before they closed. Buzz was upset that we had missed out on Uncle Frank's pizza, so we decided to splurge and bought a pie at chalav u'dvash (or whatever they call themselves nowadays).
Back at home the kid was having the best night of his life. Pizza, a bath, new fuzzy monkey slippers, a super cool rain-poncho, and his favorite cookies fresh from the oven! 

I successfully extricated the sewing machine from its home, and it's waiting for pick-up in the morning. The Crazy Lady and Mad Man will be heading into The Holy City tomorrow morning and (since The Crazy Lady also has a machine that needs to be looked at) she has graciously offered to drop off my machine as well. We're hoping that all it needs is an oiling and a tune-up! I'm so excited' I have SO many projects that I can't wait to do!
Ok, bedtime for Buzz is coming up (soon-ish) but there's pre-bedtime-prep to take care of.

Hopefully tomorrow will also be a good productive day!

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