Wednesday, December 24, 2014

50/3 = 16 & change...

On the last day of Chanuka, the electric company went on strike. Which meant that Z wasted a trip out to Ashkelon to try to pick up the signed paper that we need for the house. In other news we are being forced to build a wall that we don't really need, on our dime, because the people who make the rules in this country are a bunch of self-important, lazy, cheap, morons. 

The good news from today is that we can officially go and get the final signature on our house-plans. Of course we need to re-collect the official signatures of the architect and engineer, but they've been apprised of the projects continued evolution so that's no big deal. The point is that hopefully hopefully we can actually begin building in the next few months. Of course there is the major hurdle of getting the technical blueprints drafted and hiring a contractor - but at the very least we've jumped through the beuracratic hoops, run enough pointless missions, and kissed enough peoples' figurative behinds to gather all of the paperwork to get approval to break-ground.
Today I decided that it would be a lot of fun to start working on a jumbo hook-rug that I had stashed away in my part boxes. Of course after tearing apart the guest room in search of it, I realized that the box was most likely down in the machsan. So I put on some clothes and ventured down to the bowels of the building. 

It dawned on me that if I was digging through our storage room that it might be prudent to extract all of the baby-boy clothes that have been gathering dust for the last 2 years. I shlepped 4 full 65liter plastic tubs up to the apartment and went through them to determine what was where and how things were.
The Parentals were (thankfully) willing to pick up the boxes, so they are officially going to be delivered to The Freddies tomorrow. It makes more sense to store them there since they will need them in the coming months. They also have two spare bedrooms, and those bedrooms aren't dank, damp, or moldy.

To bring the story full circle - I did manage to locate the hook-rug kit. By the time I was ready to sit down and work on it, a glance at the size of it and the fact that there are twenty-two different colors of yarn, convinced me to save it for another day. 
Buzz is adding more words to his lexicon daily. It's great! The only hitch is that most of the new words are in Hebrew. His teacher was so excited to tell me all about how today, for the very first time in gan, Buzz brought his cup over and asked for some 'mayim'. Amusingly enough he has been asking for 'mayim' (water) at home for the last week. But as usual the little perfectionist won't trot out his skills until they're spot-on.

An English word that he's been happily using for the last week is one that all people find quite useful, 'money'. At first we thought he meant actual money, because he would point to tzedaka boxes or our wallets and say it. Then we realized that his real intention was for the kind of money that little kids love - especially on Chanuka because it's so plentiful - he'll happily take the milk, dark, or white chocolate coin varieties. He's not picky. "Mmmm, Imma, money..."

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