Thursday, December 11, 2014

'Golf balls, meat balls...'

How cute is this little nebulizer? He and Buzz are best buddies now. Partly because he's so darn cute, and partly because the kid loved s bonding time. The good news is that the meds really helped. We've had rare/sporadic coughing episodes since completing the course of treatment. So - YAY!
In other news - Akiva&Emuna welcomed a baby boy last motzei shabbat. Very exciting stuff. Hoping to make it to the bris but it's the same morning as Buzz's lung dr appointment - so we may just get there late.
This week I was only semi-productive. The kitchen is clean, the laundry is done, the bathtub has been cleaned well, and I cooked up 10 liters of chicken-stock overnight so we are stocked up for the next month or so. Look how beautiful it is - clear and golden. Yum!
Yesterday I went to grab the bag of flour from the cupboard and got the stuffing scared out of me when I reached in and my fingers felt soft velvety fuzziness. Evidently the puppy had gotten a little noshy and gone in search of food. (Just kidding, Buzz sent him to find snacks for the assemblage of small beings who refuse to sleep when it is dark out...)
Check out that kitchen. Crowded but at least there aren't any dirty dishes in the sinks. That's a big step for us. One day I'll have more counter space than I know what to do with and it will be awesome.
Shemita is a year with extra complications. It does lead to some amusing situations though. This gem is from The FamBily Kitchen. Cause, well, you need to know...
Went shopping with The Crazy Lady at a fun 'everything' store called Max Stock. It's impossible to get a decent parking spot, and the store itself is a messy jumble. But it was worth it because they had this cute little wire thingy for 20 whole shekels. I invested in it because I figured it would be perfect for organizing the washcloths and bottles on the ledge of the bathtub in the guest bathroom.

Well, it would've been anyway...

Buzz saw it in the shopping bag. He pulled it out, looked it over, decided it would suit his purposes, and ran to his room screeching and clutching it. I promptly gave up on my dreams of an organized bathroom. When I went to find the kid some pajamas I was amused to find that at least the unit was being used...

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