Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Extra Cheese

Spa-outing yesterday with The Crazy Lady was great. I found a new favorite winter nail-polish color and decided to treat myself to a bottle of it. It should arrive in time for my anniversary. Isn't Z lucky? Now he doesn't have to waste any time stressing over what to get me.

Last night Buzz refused to go to sleep without calling his Papa! We had called Papa on Sunday and though Buzz had spaced out and hadn't said much he really enjoyed it. Sadly nobody was home hesterdy, but we made a little video of Buzz begging to try to call again. We told him that we would try again soon which cheered him up. (Check out the video here: http://youtu.be/XkBGQ2oyYZo )

This morning Ayala needed to get out of her house and she had the car so she invited me on an outing. We did an osher ad and bakery run. Then we went to the mall, just for good measure. Got home with plenty of time to eat lunch. Then a brisk walk to gan pickup.

Buzz is adding words to his vocabulary every single day! Today they learned about fish (Dag in hebrew) and they even colored in a picture of a fish which got stuck to a popsicle stick. When I arrived to pick Buzz up he proudly displayed his creation and informed me that it was a 'dag'! The ganenet also told me that when the package of biscuits was empty at snack time Buzz called her over by saying, "Nigmar!" Which means, 'they're finished!' Super cute!

At The FamBily House things were flying. The new dishwasher was installed today and it was running quietly. The loudest part of the cycle was more quiet than a purring kitten. The Crazy Lady was making a triple batch of crepes. Yo'Abba fixed up the trusty dolly with some help from Buzz. (See Buzz help his Sababi: http://youtu.be/00VB1FqMe9M )

At home dinner was some shnitzel with the second to last portion of the latkes. How are there still latkes left? I didn't think that I'd made so many...

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