Monday, December 29, 2014

I'm Gumby!

Shabbos was successful. I got the food cooked and somehow most of the house got cleaned. Buzz conked out in the middle of dinner at 6:15, and I got him into bed without waking him. Downside? Well, he woke up at 1:30am and bounced around for 2 hrs seemingly recharged. Then at 3:30 he fell back asleep for 2.5 more hours. Shabbos afternoon we visited with A&A and then The FamBily.

Sunday was quiet and back to normal. I finally put away the menorahs. I washed all of the dishes, did some laundry, and pretended to straighten up the house. I also did a quick logo/business card project

At gan pickup the ganenet wistfully informed me that Buzz no longer naps in gan. He had been sleeping for 30-45 mins every day since Sukkot and it was wreaking havoc with our bedtime routine. For the last two weeks he has been self-weaning from it. I'm not complaining except that most nights he still tries to hang on until 8:30/9pm which is ridiculous because he is exhausted and super-kvetchy by 6:30/7.

This morning Z is off to Jeru to collect two of the final signatures for our building permit. If the electric company would stop striking then we would be able to walk out of the va'ada with our official paper later this week.

The Crazy Lady and I are going for mani/pedis this morning. Because a pampering break is exactly what we need.

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