Tuesday, December 23, 2014


I can hardly believe or understand how a whole 7 days of chanuka flew by. We kicked off the first night with an awesome party at The FamBily House. S&S and The Freddies were there too! The Crazy Lady cooked up a delicious spread and there was a whole bunch of gift-giving. Quite the exciting party. On Thursday morning (the 2nd day of chanuka) we woke up to the exciting news that The Freddies had welcomed a son into their fambily! Yay!!! The third day of Chanuka was Friday and we celebrated with a party at gan with Buzz and his whole class. It was pretty adorable - I've got to get those pictures off of the 'other' camera. We were joined for the fourth candle - shabbos chanuka - by Ari Krischer and a friend. It was quite the funny wekeend and everybody seemed to enjoy. Not wanting to send them away without gifts I invited them to harvest some of the delicious juicy citrus fruits from The FamBily garden - oranges and pomellos aplenty for everyone.
We lit the fifth candle at The FamBily House with everybody after havdalah. then we made our way home and hung out with Sarah Leah for a few hours until her bus was scheduled to depart. Buzz had 'vacation' on Sunday and Monday, which meant that we spent two days together. On Sunday we relaxed at home and got a whole lot of random things cleaned. We eventually got picked up and went for a ride to the mall, then the new donut bakery, and on an adventure to the SuperBus office. Night number 7 was quiet and boring after a craaaazy long day spent with the little crazy-man. Thankfully our shenanigans tired him out and he fell asleep nice and early at 8:15pm.
Today Buzz went back to gan - and I sighed an enormous sigh of relief. I finally organized the living/dining room and swept the floor. The kitchen is mostly clean too. I have 1 load of laundry to do tomorrow then I can go back top pretending that my house is neat-enough to live in without being embarrassed if visitors show up unannounced. Today was the coldest day of the winter so far - the thermometer was hovering around 15C when we got the The FamBily House after gan-pickup.

The Crazy Lady was awesome and packed us some dinner-to-go. we got some awesome vegetable soup, and Z absconded with a whole tray of leftover Indian-style chicken with chickpeas. As usual his eyes were bigger than his stomach (so I'll be returning two legs and a thigh to The FamBily tomorrow.)

We lit our candles and enjoyed a delicious dinner. Then we gave Buzz his second present of the holiday. (Though to be fair, his first one was a new toothbrush that he needed desperately...) We managed to snag an awesome kiddie power-tool-kit from one of the buy/sell/swap groups that I haunt. Totally worth it! yes it requires batteries and makes sounds, but somehow they're not so annoying because they just sound like power-tools. To be honest though, he seems to like the safety-goggles and (quiet) flashlight the best, so I'm not complaining,
Light up the nights! Have a great rest of the day! Hopefully I'll be back again soon!

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