Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Moxy Azythro Muco Vent...

I'm not even going to comment on this last prolonged absence. Suffice it to say we're officially on high-alert 'all hands on deck' situation. Buzz's cough has morphed into something inexplicable. Being the true anomaly that he is, he somehow managed to get a full blown ear infection while already on strong antibiotics. I kid you not. Tonight we started the 'super strong' antibiotics to knock that out. 
Unfortunately he was wheezing too - which the dr was slightly concerned about so we've been instructed to use nebulizer treatments to help clear his airways. We finally sprung for a cute little penguin-shaped nebulizer. Thankfully Buzz thinks that it is both adorable and hysterical, so getting the treatments into him 3x/day for the next 5 days shouldn't be too bad. (Tfu tfu tfu...)
In short - it's a good thing that I insisted on a visit to the dr this evening. We are still trying as hard as we can to get ahead of this crazy cough / neverending cold situation. We will be meeting with a lung dr in a couple of weeks to determine whether Buzz's lungs are functioning up to par.
Enough about that -

Today I went on a shopping expedition with The Crazy Lady. She got muffin liners and feather dusters while I bought myself ABC cookie-cutters and neon orange ice cube trays. I also bought a cute little 2-tiered wire basket thingy (which I planned to put into the bathroom to hold the miscellaneous washcloths and towels) but Buzz commandeered it for his collection of tennis balls and the like...
A friend is sick with the flu so I dropped off 2 liters of chicken soup at her house. I also received a lot of compliments from a bunch of people about how delicious my chicken soup is. Social media sure is funny.
Tomorrow Buzz will likely be staying home with me. We'll have to cook up a vat of chicken soup, do some laundry, straighten up the living room, organize the kitchen, lots of medication related things, and of course find some time to play while we are at it. I happened to pick up some fun chanuka crafting materials on today's grand shopping adventure, so we can always do crafting! Yay!
I'm just hoping that we all get some sleep tonight. The last two nights have been pretty rough and we are all exhausted.

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