Thursday, December 25, 2014

Welcome Lavi Ori!!!

Ohmygoodnes!!! What a day!! I woke up at 4am due to gnawing anxiety over the upcoming car ride. Thankfully managed to get it in check before forcing Z to take Buzz to gan. Then we were off to Petah Tiqwa. We snagged an alright parking spot and dashed into the shul just in time for the main event.
The crowd was a great one. It was a very heartfelt and 'mechubad' gathering. Very enjoyable. Z actually didn't get antsy about getting back on the road until the seuda was over - so that was nice.
We gave Frank and Timmy a ride back to The Sun House. On the drive we concocted a plan to squeeze in an anniversary something for the Parentals. 31 years of marriage seemed worth celebrating, or at least acknowledging.
So on our way home we stopped off at the grocery store. We walked out armed with four types of fresh herbs, some red wine, a nice piece of meat, and some baby potatoes. The plan was set.
Of course we stopped off at the amazing new 'New York Bakeshop', conveniently located next to the grocery store. Z even bought me flowers for shabbos. How often does that happen?!
At home I tracked down an anniversary sign. I also washed all of the dishes that had accumulated in the dairy sink over the course of the week. I baked a batch of brownies. Then before I knew it, 3:20 had rolled around and it was time to head out to pick up Buzz.
We got to The FamBily House as the demi-glacé reached tongue tingling perfection and Frank washed the floor. I washed a sink of random dishes just to feel like I was contributing. Timmy had the food all under control. Buzz was super enthused about all of the excitement.
The boys set the table. Buzz checked it out from every angle, and hung up the sign on the sliding doors. The time flew by and suddenly it was 6pm. We tossed the potatoes in to roast, Timmy got the salad course ready, and we seated our guests of honor.
The main course was fillet mignon grilled to perfection with an out of this world red wine reduction, officially named the Scarborough Fair Delight. The potatoes were seasoned with the same herbs and baked to perfection. Basically - everything was perfect!
Dessert wasn't anything to sneeze at either. Brownie with ganache and pineapple sorbet. Delicious. So very delicious.

After dessert Z surprised everyone by washing up all of the meat dishes. Then we packed up and shlepped the very overtired Buzz home. The kid was overtired and on such a high that it took about an hour to get him to lie down in his bed. Eventually Z got him to conk out. Thankfully.
All in all today was extremely successful. However, I am completely exhausted.

Tomorrow is shabbos prep time - again. I haven't exactly decided on a menu yet. That may complicate matters in the morning. Oh well, I have a few hours to get things done. Wish me luck!

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