Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Eeeeb & Abi!!!

Photo recap of the last two weeks:
We've been keeping very busy. Cooking, cleaning, experimenting. 
Last week we enjoyed(?) our first extreme winter storm. It snowed in places around the country but we got no furries in The Sun House. The temperatures did sink down to freezing and it rained for days and days on end.
Cold weather didn't keep us from leaving the house though. We visited the local bakery and stocked up on junk food for our weekend with Dibble.
Buzz is adding words to his vocabulary at lightning speed. Granted, they're all Hebrew, but they're words and that's progress. This week alone he's been very excited about 'limonim & alim' (lemons & leaves). Today he told us all about his 'lachmanya' (roll) and insisted that we give him a sheet of 'madbekot' (stickers) for arts&crafts.
We are moving ahead on the house. Today we went window shopping - literally! Well, sort of. We met with the window people to confirm what we want the windows to look like and how many we need. Now we have an official list to send out in order to get proposals for the work. Yay!
We stopped off at IKEA on the way home. It was on the way and dinner time so it just seemed to make sense. We picked up some more bag clips and a new bridge for the train tracks too. Buzz was happy - we let him choose dessert...

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