Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sweet Lemony Dreams!

On Thursday it rained. A lot. I decided to be productive in the morning and kept busy baking 2-dozen chocolate chip muffins. I also did a whole lot of cleaning. Then I went a little crazy and walked to gan pickup.

Pickup was funny because all of the other parents offered me a ride to the destination of my choice. I thanked them all profusely and insisted that Buzz and I would be perfectly fine walking the three minutes downhill to The FamBily House. With Buzz on my back wearing his rainproof dinosaur poncho, my raincoat on backwards to keep all the bags dry, and an umbrella held aloft by a super-excited Buzz we set out. Less than five minutes later we were safe and sound at The FamBily House.
Friday morning kicked off early. Buzz was eager to get to gan since he was excited to bake challah and be 'shabbat abba' of the week. I got to work baking desserts and cooking up a fancy red-wine reduction to serve over the meat we had planned for dinner. A&A joined us for dinner which was really nice. 
The food at both meals turned out exceptionally delicious. For dinner we had crystal clear golden chicken soup (check out how clear it was before I cooked it up with the veggies and it got its dark golden glow). The main course was pan seared medallions of beef filet, served with the red wine reduction, green beans, and crispy roasted potatoes (which I parboiled then painstakingly seasoned without turning them to mush). Lunch was super-simple but sometimes that is perfection. I had perfectly roasted a whole chicken, served it up with Jasmine rice cooked in a 'squidge' of onion oil for a hint of flavor, and baby green peas.
After lunch we dilly-dallied around the house for a while. Then we bundled up and made our way over to The FamBily House. Buzz was ecstatic to see Abi and Ebi - because (evidently) Uncles are a neverending source of attention and chocolate!

After Havdalah Yo'Abba gave us a lift back home. On Friday I was sneaky and mixed up some cold-rise pizza dough - so tonight it was ready to party. Sarah Leah was supposed to come over but plans are always fluid when it comes to Motzash and public transportation - so she wasn't able to make it to us. Which just means more pizza for Z - and I don't hear him complaining. 
Tomorrow is a whole new week. I have a ton of organizing that a I've been putting off and I think the time has come to tackle at least one or two of the things from my list. Tonight I actually (finally) did some filing/paperwork which had been piling up for the last 4 months. 

I desperately need to organize the remainder of the photos from both of my cameras so that I can print for the 'second half' of 2014. And the bookcases in the living room are a disaster.

Hopefully I'll manage to get something useful done tomorrow! I hope!

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