Thursday, February 05, 2015

~These aren't my hips...~

Well, our baked creations went over splendidly at gan. The teacher was overjoyed with the adorableness, her chief complaint being that it was so delicious that nobody wanted to eat lunch when lunchtime rolled around. Buzz has talked about cake non-stop for two days. It's pretty amusing.
I've been getting really into the whole 'fake potato pancake for breakfast' thing. Yesterday I went a little crazy and used a white potato and a sweet potato just to shake things up a bit. It didn't hold together as well as the all-white ones do, and it burnt a little quicker, but it was delicious nonetheless.
When we got to The FamBily House yesterday, Timmy was in the process of making pizza for a couple of friends who were visiting. Ever happy to get my hands into dough, I rolled out a nice looking pie.
Today I did a minimal amount of housework. I've been assigned the task of scanning a whole bunch of old family photos and documents. We picked up the first batch last night and I got started today. 2.5 hours of sheer amazingness. My grandfather's infectious smile, my mom as as little girl, and even some shots of me as a kiddo. Quite the appropriate activity for a throwbackthursday.
After gan pickup Timmy taught Buzz how to direct home-movies. Then Buzz helped The Crazy Lady mix up a batch of Mrs. Goodman cake.
At home Buzz was excited to see that a shufersol order had come. Shufersol orders mean boxes and boxes mean hours and hours of fun for Buzz!
While Buzz played in his box, Z settled into a groove and washed approximately a zillion meat dishes. 
While Z washed dishes, I attempted to organize the kitchen cabinets. Hard to believe but they do actually look better now than when I began. Pesach is coming so. It's time to start using stuff up. Eeeek!!!
Buzz protested our call for bedtime but eventually conked out. (In his bed, not on that mountain of dirty laundry...) I guess now you know what one thing I'll be doing tomorrow is...

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Won?! One!!!

I was asked by the ganenet to provide a cake for the kids' tu beshvat party on Wednesday. Being me (read: crazy) I immediately started planning this adorable confection. I stopped myself before getting too invested in the project but concluded that it should still be special. 
I ended up with a three layer cake. Vanilla pastry cream in gluing the layers together, chocolate ganache covers the whole thing, and I topped it off with a squish of buttercream frosting and a candied cherry for the visual appeal.
We ran out of fries so I've been making jumbo potato latkas for breakfast again. They're a lot more work, but they're oh so tasty. Plus once the frying pan is dirty I feel silly not throwing an egg in too... (At least I'm eating well, right?)
Z has been staying at work late so that he can get work on the building plans for the house finished. Details - small but crucial - like, where we want electrical outlets and how the path in the garden should meander across the garden.
Tomorrow may be a challah-baking day. Depending on how the schedule works out. Hopefully tonight Buzz will sleep well. He's been having issues the last few days as the weather shifted. Last night we stepped up our meds game proactively. We dosed him with: mucolitics, antihistamines, corticosteroids, and a session with saline in his nebulizer just to clear out any gunk that was making it hard for him to breathe. Thankfully he went along with it (probably because he was so tired that he was willing to try anything to get some sleep.) Amazingly he slept from 9pm straight through until 7am this morning. It was awesome.

I'm hoping for a repeat performance tonight but my hopes aren't too high. Maybe I'm a little jaded.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Happy B_ay Fat tie!

Friday was a crazy day. The landlord showed up with his brother (the air-conditioning technician) and it turns out that the reason our unit had been acting strangely for the last year was because the technician-brother put a THIRD filter on the unit to 'keep it clean'. This third filter was hidden deep in the depths of the trapdoor in the drop-ceiling in the bathroom. We had NO idea that it even existed. Why the heck does a 4-room apartment need three filters on its unit?! Pretty dumb. As soon as it was clean the machine started working. Not just working, but working well. Better than it has in about a year.
We did all of the cooking and baking. The house got cleaned and organized. Somehow by the time candle-lighting rolled around we were ready. Buzz and I read books until kiddish time as is our custom. After a delicious dinner Buzz shlepped his favorite book (Go, dog. Go!) and his blanket into his little house. He tucked himself in comfortably and promptly conked out all curled up. I was so bummed not to be able to take a picture, he was too cute.

Shabbos morning got off to a busy start. We had a lot to get ready before all of Z's friends arrived for his day late birthday brunch. I used my pretty new autumn-hued tablecloth and set the table with the dairy China. It was such an elegant scene. We served up bagels and spreads, sliced veggies, broccoli quiche, caramelized onion and portobello mushroom quiche, pesto pasta tossed with slow-roasted tomatoes and baby mozzarella.

Desserts included a Boston cream pie, fruit tartlets topped with vanilla pastry cream and strawberries, and of course the rest of the strawberries! 
After a game of extreme Settlers everybody said their goodbyes. We found our shoes and walked over to The FamBily House where Phil had made a special surprise cookie-cake for Z.

We hung out until shabbos was over and after havdalah they gave us a ride home.
This morning I did some laundry, bawled my way through the series finale of one of my favorite shows, and tackled the mountain of dishes left after yesterday's party. I did some other random cleaning too and I can't believe it's noon already. Still a whole lot to do and it'll be time to head out and pick up the Buzz-monster before I know it!