Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Won?! One!!!

I was asked by the ganenet to provide a cake for the kids' tu beshvat party on Wednesday. Being me (read: crazy) I immediately started planning this adorable confection. I stopped myself before getting too invested in the project but concluded that it should still be special. 
I ended up with a three layer cake. Vanilla pastry cream in gluing the layers together, chocolate ganache covers the whole thing, and I topped it off with a squish of buttercream frosting and a candied cherry for the visual appeal.
We ran out of fries so I've been making jumbo potato latkas for breakfast again. They're a lot more work, but they're oh so tasty. Plus once the frying pan is dirty I feel silly not throwing an egg in too... (At least I'm eating well, right?)
Z has been staying at work late so that he can get work on the building plans for the house finished. Details - small but crucial - like, where we want electrical outlets and how the path in the garden should meander across the garden.
Tomorrow may be a challah-baking day. Depending on how the schedule works out. Hopefully tonight Buzz will sleep well. He's been having issues the last few days as the weather shifted. Last night we stepped up our meds game proactively. We dosed him with: mucolitics, antihistamines, corticosteroids, and a session with saline in his nebulizer just to clear out any gunk that was making it hard for him to breathe. Thankfully he went along with it (probably because he was so tired that he was willing to try anything to get some sleep.) Amazingly he slept from 9pm straight through until 7am this morning. It was awesome.

I'm hoping for a repeat performance tonight but my hopes aren't too high. Maybe I'm a little jaded.


Kirsten N. Namskau said...

It looks tasty :-) I will try to make that potato thing :-D

you are welcome to visit my blog if you want

Lori Polly Nemoy said...

Thanks for reading!

The potato thing is delicious.
Grate 2 med/large potatoes, squeeze out the liquid (I do it by the handful - no need to go crazy)
Add some oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a dash of something spicy to the shredded potato. Mix to combine.
Heat a bit of oil in a small frying pan (preferably non stick or seasoned cast iron), pour in the potato shreds, shape into a pancake and smush them down to help them compact (this will help them stick together).
Cover the pan and let it cook for about 10 minutes, uncover and check the pan, allow the liquid to cook off.
When the first side is golden brown, carefully flip the pancake. Cook second side until it is also golden (about 10 more minutes).
Remove to plate and enjoy. :)