Thursday, March 05, 2015

Fish and Eggsbert

Purim in photos...
Shalach manot for gan and an M&M...
Timmy and I had an extremely successful bread baking day. Our bounty was incredible. They made really cute baskets too - but I forgot to get a picture in the rush of getting them out to deliver them.
Buzz is very into tents lately. Here's his mini-house at The FamBily House the other day. We built him another one at our place today. He likes to take his flashlight into the tent to keep it all illuminated.
I was very nervous about whether I'd manage to get a meal together for this afternoon. I woke up this morning and baked three batches of cookies. Then by the time the shalach manot run was done I was pretty much freaking out. 

I had a bunch of leftovers from last shabbos. Sneakily I decided to use them up today. Of course they had to be repurposed. I turned the leftover chicken into 12 chicken-pot-pie knishes. The last of the roasted garlic mashed potatoes turned into 8 really awesome knishes too. Did I mention that knishes were FF?! Yup, 100% barley flour. It was super exciting and delicious. Of course the meatballs, rice pilaf, and steak salad were the perfect mishmash of accompanying dishes.
Phil joined us for the meal, since the rest of The FamBily had gone out to The Shomron for a great gathering. Our meal was delicious, then we capped off the evening with a movie. The parentals made it home in perfect time to pick Phil up as Z put Buzz to bed.
Tomorrow is erev-shabbos. We have our menu, and it's minimal prep since I did so much today. We owe Buzz a trip to the mall to play, so that'll happen. Hopefully the floor will get cleaned at some point before candle-lighting. 

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