Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ken Anachnu Tov!

What an Election Day!!! We kicked the morning off with a late start. Buzz slept all the way until 6:45! Once he was up things started moving. Lemonade, iced tea, the great sock race, finding pants... It's a process to get out of the house. Finally we were all fully attired. Out we went to exercise our democratic rights!
I wore Buzz on my back to the polling station. A couple of funny stares (since we are assigned to the 'kalpi' in RBS B) but our choosing went smoothly. Buzz helped with my tie-breaker, we slipped our choice into the envelope, and into the box it went. 

Do you seal your envelope? I do. I think it's a perfectionist thing, or an OCD thing, but that's kind of one in the same in this scenario.
After a relaxing breakfast at our new local bagel store we made our way home. Buzz was waiting loudly and impatiently for his cousin to arrive. 
At long last the hour arrived. So we piled into the car and made our way to S&S's house where we met The Freddies and enjoyed some quality S&S time and some Pizza Hut pizza. After a couple of hours the kiddos we're going a little bit stir-crazy so we said our goodbyes and headed out to the big park.
Well, to be honest, we detoured to The FamBily House first. We dropped off all of the food-stuffs and checked in on the kitchen situation (which Timmy had well in hand) then most of us decided to be lazy and ended up sending Z and Frank out to the park with the wired toddlers. Suffice it to say, when they got back almost 2 hours later the grown-ups were zonked.
Timmy had done most of the prep work and lit the grills. Freddie and I helped shlep everything out to the backyard then Timmy did the grilling. Freddie prepped the salads and set the table. And pretty soon there was an enormous quantity of amazing smelling food and lots of hungry stomachs ready to feast.
Finally The Mad Man returned from his favorite 'David & Goliath Tour' in Emek HaElah with our 'captive' cousin (here on business, he lucked into a free vacation day thanks to national elections!) so we all washed up, sat down, and tucked in to the bounty. 

And oh my goodness what bounty it was. Deeeeelicious in the extreme. We may have gone a little overboard on quantities, but nobody will be complaining about eating those leftovers. 
Before we knew it the clock struck 9 and the Buzzmonster really needed his bed. So we said our goodbyes and shlepped back up the hill. Thanks to the intense play-session with uncles and cousins, Buzz fell asleep in about two minutes flat. I am mightily impressed at how much energy that kid really has to burn on a daily basis.
Cherry on top of a wonderful day? A super-cute picture of yours truly with her ogre - I mean, significant other... And look! He's even smiling nicely!

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