Tuesday, March 03, 2015

People, moon, ani!

I've been off the grid for almost a month - so figured it's about time to check in with you all.

What has been going on? Let's see...

I kicked off February by turning a whole bunch of family photos into digital copies with the help of my trusty-dusty scanner. I also baked what I hope to be the last batch of challah until after Pesach. We survived the winter dust-apocalypse in style - even though nobody could breathe and the dog refused to leave the house. A not so sick-day with Buzz - ending with a trip to the dr who pronounced him completely healthy. A lot of homemade waffles and homemade pizza. Finalized bathroom layouts and electrical plans for the house. A complete overhaul of the guest room. The Crazy Lady's extended birthday weekend - complete with Friday bagel brunch on a Sun House snow-day. 60 lbs of goodies from Amerryca via Moscow and Givat Shmuel. And finally Papa arrived!

We spent a very busy but fun filled week filling moments with everything from touristy destinations to feeding our guest everything that we could! (All a ploy to empty the freezers out. Probably would've been more effective if I hadn't kept making new things...) On Shabbos we spent a couple of hours at The FamBily House. Sunday we watched Buzz run amok at the park then the grocery store. Then we said our goodbyes and Z did the airport run. 

Monday morning was so sad as Buzz popped out of bed and asked, "Papa, store? Park?" We had to remind him that he had said goodbye the night before and that Papa had gone home. He was sad to be reminded but cheered up when we told him that Papa would be back soon.

Today was Purim party in gan day. We dressed Buzz as a blue M&M- which nobody in gan recognized. Thankfully Buzz was not fazed in the least bit. He was just happy to be dressed as chocolate. Gan ended at noon, so I picked him up.

I actually went over to The FamBily House bright and early with half of my kitchen in tow. Timmy and I had scheduled a bread baking day. We made four different types of breads and we plan to give them out for shalach manot. Honey oatmeal, tomato basil, golden brioche, and no-knead loaves slashed and baked to perfection. I knew the no-kneads had come out well when Dibble begged to be allowed to eat one for dinner. I happily left one for him. We came home and devoured one with thickly sliced white English cheddar and the rest of a bottle of merlot petite sirah.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to make a second batch of caramel popcorn and maybe another batch of hamentashen. Yesterday I cooked up a batch of pareve dulce de leche (yay almond milk) so In thinking that would go pretty well in chocolate hamentashen. I've also got to make a batch of potato knights with some leftover roasted garlic mashed potatoes from last shabbos. I'd better get on that!!!

So much to do! Be back soon(ish)!

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