Sunday, March 08, 2015

Three Cuckoo Day

Shabbos was nice. Friday night was mostly leftovers, and besides for a pan of super-saucy baked ziti even the quiche for lunch came out of the freezer. We are in full-blown Pesach-is-coming clean-out mode. It's pretty crazy. I'm confident that this year we can actually make the clear-out happen in a neat and timely manner.

Shabbos afternoon we walked over to The FamBily House. Everybody was sleeping. They woke up eventually and Z took Buzz to the park while Phil and I studied for her psychology final. Quite entertaining stuff - all about memory - how we make them, store them, and retrieve them. See? I was listening!
This morning dawned a little too early for some of us. Buzz was bouncing around by 5:40 and I wanted nothing more than to lock him in his bedroom. Z refused claiming that to be child abuse, so I settled for migrating to the guest room to get some more shut-eye. Of course, by the time I was settled in the guest bed I was wide-awake. Thus did my day begin at 5:40am.
I straightened up the living room and dining room since they were general disasters after the shabbos rumpus. I cleared off the mountain of stuff that had accumulated in the coffee table in my bedroom. I pretended to organize some other random things. Then before I knew it 3:30 had rolled around and it was time to head out to pick up Buzz.

Schedules and things being as they are - we are revising our daily-schedule. We won't be crashing down to The FamBily House for a few hours of daily coffee and relaxation every day anymore. I breathed an audibly loud sigh of relief this afternoon when Buzz agreed cheerfully to walk towards home after gan rather than making a beeline in the direction that we usually go in.

I was surprise that he had so much energy, but he happily walked up to the first traffic circle before exhaustion caught up with him. Luckily I had our trusty Tula carrier, so I slung him onto my back. He cackled with glee and I buckled him in and we set off at a good pace.

We arrived at our neighborhood park a mere 35 minutes after my original departure time. Not too bad for a 2.8 kilometer trek (1.2 kg uphill with a 30+ lb kid strapped to my back.) Clearly all this walking is getting me into shape - whatever that means.

Buzz was so excited to play at the park. We worked our way down from the top - which meant the swings were our first stop. Then we shot straight down to the play-structure at the bottom. Excitingly (for me) it was a regular afternoon and lots of people were there so I actually got to socialize and see a bunch of my neighbors and friends. It's been a long time since I've gotten a chance to shmooze and hang out because we are usually not in the neighborhood. It was actually really nice! 
After a while at the park we made our way home. Buzz requested that our afternoon activity be 'baking a pink cake'. With 3 cups of homemade strawberry in the fridge I figured it wouldn't be too tall of an order. I used my usual yellow-cake recipe but cut down on the sugar (by 1/4) and used strawberry syrup instead of orange juice. I added a drop of neon-pink food coloring to the batter just to make the pink-ness 'pop'. Buzz was thrilled. Personally I was just amazed that the cupcakes turned out at all - but they did. They rose really beautifully and came out of the oven smelling the strawberry heaven. Buzz happily gobbled one up as soon as they were cool enough to handle.

Before I knew it, Z walked in the door. I guess this change-in-routine isn't so terrible. Tomorrow I should probably stretch before heading out - but by the end of the next four months, my shapely calves are going to be the envy of everyone in town.

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