Thursday, April 23, 2015

67! Woohoo!

We woke up bright and early this morning. Our first stop of the day was at The FamBily House for brunch with The Freddies. Freddie baked up super fluffy bagels and yummy rolls no garlic knots. Served with a whole lot of spreads we were decidedly full when we finally cleared the table. The Freddies had to head off to their next engagement of the day so we said our goodbyes.
Our second stop of the day was out in RBS. We got to spend a couple of hours hanging out with Rik&co. Buzz was kind of zonked by the time we got there but he was excited to see more cousins! We schmoozed and relaxed a bit. The kids played and Buzz tried to conk out on me. Time flew by and Eventually Z declared it time to head to our next phase of the day.
Back to The FamBily House we went. We arrived just in time to watch Dibble play more of his video-game. Then we battled the wind and managed to get the grill going. The Crazy Lady made the first attempt, Phil took the second, I threw in some paper for kindling, and eventually Timmy arrived to show us how it's done. Finally the coals were white and the food was ready to cook.
Timmy did the grilling. A collection of others kept him company. Then we sat down to feast. Delightful dinner. Entirely enjoyable. Wings, burgers, and chicken, with fries on the side. Delicious. After dining we did our usual 'dash' and managed to get Buzz to sleep in a relatively timely manner.
Tomorrow there's lots of cooking and cleaning to be done. Buzz is very excited for it to be Friday because he has been counting down to Shabbat since last Saturday night.

Really I think he's just excited to bake challah in gan.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Check out these abs!

Aaaaaand I'm back. Sort of? I hope? Anyway... Sorry about that month-long hiatus. All sorts of stuff going on around these parts.
First we had to eat all of the chametz, then we had to clean all of the chametz, then we had to burn all of the chametz, then we had the week of Pesach... A whole lot of cleaning followed by a whole lot of eating. Us Jews really have a food-fixation thing, huh?!
We let Buzz help wash the car. His favorite part of that activity was spraying his uncle with the hose.
As the holiday week began we spent lots of time with The Freddies.
Buzz has taken on the job of keeping the balcony and garden in good working order. He waters the plants, and squeegees the floor. All in all a pretty good deal for me - since it's easy enough to convince him to take a bath when he's done. Then everything is clean. 
Buzz helped pack for our trip to the hotel on chol hamoed. He had a hard time fitting all of his friends into the bag - but with much effort and determination he eventually prevailed.
We had a delightful couple of days in the scenic and picturesque grounds of the hotel in the mountains. The air was clear and the sunsets were beautiful. Thankfully Buzz slept through the sunrises - though he still woke up quite early.
Lots of time to catch up with family. Then we were back on the road to The Sun House again. The last days of chag were highly enjoyable and entertaining. We were joined by Ari Krischer and A&A came for the meals. The kiddos went to the park and found quite the willing book-reader and general entertainer in Ari - which was adorable and entirely wonderful since it meant a reprieve from their craziness.
Last week was pretty much back to 'normal' - or whatever passes for that around here. Spent a whole lot of afternoons at The FamBily House.
Sarah Leah joined us for shabbos last week. It kept me entertained. Z and Buzz took a nice long walk in the afternoon then ended up coming home again before shabbos ended. I was quite surprised to say the least.
Friday morning we went out to buy the first installment of the paper-goods for Buzz's upcoming party. Hard to believe that we'll be cutting his hair in just two short weeks. Our plan is to donate the locks to Zichron Menachem - an organization that makes wigs for kids with cancer.
This week is a short but busy one. I spent the first three days baking for the party. Cookies, mini-muffins, and other goodies are starting to pile up in the freezer. It's exciting! This morning we took a ride out to IKEA to price out a kitchen. Things are progressing so we are gathering as much information as we can in order to figure out the best way to proceed. We were in the store for the memorial day siren and it was quite the emotional experience for me. Everyone and everything just stopped. Parents shopping with their kids held their children tight. Respectful silence and like a flashmob activity resumed as the siren tapered off. Such a small country, such a big family.
Tomorrow of course is Independence Day. So decked out in blue and white we will brunch with family, bbq with family, and spend time with family. Noticing a theme? It should be fun. I'll charge the camera tonight so that we're ready to go bright and early. Hopefully the weather will be classically brilliant and cooperative.
A Buzz Story to leave you off with:
Buzz ended gan at noon today. Back at home he was excited to spend some mid-week hours with his toys. He was playing happily so I made myself comfortable and relaxed. A little while later Buzz came running to my side shouting excitedly and waving his hand around in a gesture that indicated that he had something magnificent to share with me.
He reached my side, shoved his hand in my face and babbled excitedly about how he found a new friend. Well it took a minute for my eyes to adjust to the sight so up close but when the image came into focus I realized that what held clutched gingerly in his fingers was a real-live squirming freaking-out jumping spider.
I shrieked and told him to drop it. Then I picked up a shoe, but panicked because 'spiders are our friends!!! and I couldn't bring myself to hurt it. I gently pushed it under the bed with a fervent prayer that it would find its way out the other side.
Buzz was devastated by the loss of his new little buddy. He ran and grabbed his flashlight, got down on the floor by the bed, and started searching for it.
Sadly/thankfully the spider was nowhere to be found and Buzz seemed content with my observation that the spider had probably gone to find some other bugs to eat for snack.
We had a talk about how it is unadvisable to pick up any creepy crawlers or animals in general without the express permission of a grown-up. With that the saga of the spider ended and Buzz went off to find some snacks of his own.

At least I hope the saga of the spider is over. I really don't want to wake up with it crawling in my bed...