Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Piffle Puffle Poof

I found a couple of pics from the last few weeks on my phone so I decided to share them with you:

Buzz loves to take the #14 bus up the hill. It drops us off near the makolet, and the shop has ice cream. That means ice cream to enjoy on our walk down to the park near our house. Happy days!
It's pretty cool to have three kitchen sinks. It means that each one of us can do dishes at the same time.
So, he got a haircut. Did you think that meant no more hair-focused photos? 
And now on to today...

It was H-O-T out there today. I'm not even sure what peak-temp was, but 6:30pm was bad enough.
I got to see lots of firetrucks. The ridiculously low humidity meant that the fire-brigades across the country were kept very busy.
At The FamBily House a furry critter caused disaster in the dungeon quadrant. Sababi retreated to the couch to hide from the reorganizational efforts. (The situation was eventually rectified.)
It was so hot out that Buzz refused to walk. So I did the walking for both of us. I sure was glad to be heading downhill and towards air-conditioning.
More soon! Til then, stay cool!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Meshulash =/= square

Last week was spent dreaming of dairy, cooking dairy, and staying out of the heat thanks to a ridiculous heatwave that took temperatures up into the 40s (I mean 40s Celcius...)
The kitchen may have been a disaster, I may have cooked up three batches of caramel (working on it without a thermometer), the house may have take three days to get back in order. But we had enough desserts prepared to keep us sugar-high and moving until it was done.
We opted to stay home for the first part of the two-day affair. So we spent a quiet Shabbat in our cozy apartment. Z actually cooked the garlic chicken for dinner and made the shnitzel for lunch. Soup and challah came from the freezer. As previously stated - there were more than enough desserts.
On Shabbat afternoon we packed up Buzz, Curious George, and Omnom. Then in the heat of the day was made our way across town to The FamBily House. Just in time to be told that everyone was heading out to visit S&S. (Maybe we should have planned that a little better.) But with the weather hovering up near 29C, we declined the invitation to walk back to our side of town.

The holiday kicked off entertainingly enough. A nice dairy seudah shlishit before Shabbat ended then a delightful array of breads and spreads and salads for dinner. The kiddos played together nicely which was great (turns out they just need 20-something hours to get used to the idea of sharing with each other). The day dragged on but all of a sudden it was 7pm and we were enjoying a BBQ then Chag was over. We got a lift home. Buzz conked out close to 10, and I wasn't far behind.
This morning Z left for work early. Buzz is home with me, since there is no gan today. We have done arts-and-crafts, cooking, baking, played some games (yay puzzles and shapes!), played with the flowers, pretend baked/cooked, looked out the window at trucks backing up, and mostly just tried to stay cool. I think we'll spend about an hour on a water activity then have to reevaluate to find a way to use up all the other hours until Z comes home and it's bedtime again.

All I know is that I'm definitely not getting anything productive done today. That's for sure.

Friday, May 15, 2015

More Toup Please!

We had kind of a busy week. (What else is new?) Sunday through Tuesday we did our usual shtick and hung out at The FamBily House after gan. On Wednesay we took a #14 bus up the hill, stopped off at the makolet, bought ice cream, then enjoyed our ice cream on the walk to the park. Then we played at the park for about two hours until Buzz decided that he was done. Yesterday we tried something new. We walked over to the #18 bus stop and caught a bus around Rakefet. It dropped us off at the top of the park, but we opted to head straight home for some snacks and activities.
The activity we chose was baking. The recipe we chose was sugar cookies. I decided it would be fun to use cookie cutters and decorate the cookies. Buzz was in agreement. It kept us busy for almost two hours. Then covered with flour I dumped Buzz into the bath - where he entertained himself for an additional hour. It worked out perfectly.
We had a relatively stress-free Friday today which was really nice. I made nice easy stuff for the meals (fresh chicken soup, sesame chicken, green beans, rice pilaf, and roasted garlic for dinner. Bagels and spreads for lunch tomorrow. A big yellow rice salad for seudah-shlishit tomorrow - it's got chicken and roasted red peppers in it. I even baked a tray of turtle brownies - those are fudgey brownies with a layer of caramel on top and some toasted pecans sprinkled on top of that then a drizzle on top of that. Yeah - it sounds like a lot and it sure is - but hey, I feel like I deserve it.)
Buzz helped me set the table and he also washed the floor a second time (clearly he felt that Z hadn't done a good enough job.) He made a beautiful flower arrangement for me for Shabbat (Thanks S&S for loaning us the build-a-garden toy again!) So the house is clean and we are ready for Shabbat.

Have a great one everybody!

Sunday, May 10, 2015


On Friday Z and I scrambled to get stuff done. The most important task was assembling and organizing Buzz's super-special birthday/haircut present. We debated the merit of buying him a sturdy kitchen for 2 years. Last year when The Crazy Lady and The Mad Man bought him an adorable tiny kitchen we figured we would let that be the test as to whether the investment would be worthwhile. Suffice it to say - the kitchen was his favorite thing. He always ended up playing with/at it. So we went ahead and used some of his carefully hoarded birthday money to get him a sturdy wooden IKEA kitchen. It was beyond worthwhile. His reaction of excitement was precious and adorable. He was just SO excited! He played with the kitchen ALL Shabbat long. Definitely the perfect choice.
Sarah Leah joined us for Shabbos. The weather was super-hot but we stayed cool and relaxed. Buzz provided refreshments, and I provided some snacks. The day was very very very very very very long - and it's still early in the season. I miss winter Shabbatot.
Today I did a whole lot around the house. Some scanning, some cleaning, some cooking, baked some tiny cakes for some of the Moms in my life. Buzz was excited to head to The FamBily House after gan. We played with Phil and ate a whole bunch of chocolate spread. Buzz was even more excited to find out that we were going to eat some pizza for dinner at Bubby&Zaidy's house! He chomped through just shy of 2 slices of oliv-topped pizza and then scattered chocolate cake crumbs far and wide. He must be cute though because Bubby let him borrow her fun flower building toy. He only went to sleep tonight so that in the morning he can wake up and play with the flowers.
Funny things Buzz has done since getting his hair cut:
- bath time has always been a favorite time but now he loves it even more because washing his hair is way too simple - so he's been begging for baths twice a day
- his counting skills are 'improving' one, two, three, eight, nine, ten. We are SO close!
- he loves 'breakfast soup' in the morning. Breakfast soup = Cheerios with milk

Sunday, May 03, 2015


Things have been heated here the last couple of weeks. Whether the weather or the oven or both at the same time - it's been hot and the pressure is on.

We are now in countdown mode to Lag Ba'Omer and Buzz's haircutting birthday brunch. I decided to keep the gathering small and self-cater in order to save some expense. Doing pretty well so far at approximately 18nis/person. It's going to be fairly simple but hopefully tasty. Today I started baking the layers of Buzz's highly-requested and much-anticipated rainbow cake. We're going 6 cakes high with fluffy white buttercream between each color. Hopefully that'll all work out. Hopefully.

The freezers are starting to fill up but I know that by the end of the week I'm on target to shut off the spare freezer in the living room until Rosh Hashana prep kicks off in a few short months from now.

Good news from the pediatric pulmonologist this morning - we can stop using Buzz's steroid inhalers and just keep his ventolin puffer handy in case of any attacks.

This week has been kind of hellish with allergy season striking hard - Buzz has been coughing everywhere and all the time - of course that means ALL night long too. So, no sleep for anybody here. Luckily I haven't burnt the place down - considering all the cooking I've been doing on no sleep.

Buzz is still surprising us with his ever-broadening vocabulary. Today he finally figured out how to use the word 'me' rather than referring to himself in the third person. As much as I love hearing him say his own name ('Booo-wad' is endearing but we really need to get the 'Z' sound down pat) it's exciting that grammar and sentence structure are actually sinking in. He's like a tiny science experiment. I love watching him grow and advance.

On tomorrow's agenda - baking the last four cake layers (green, yellow, blue, and purple), and making 2 FF quiches. I've also got to clean the house up and make it look presentable since the landlord is coming over. We'll be signing on to rent for another year. I am decidedly unhappy about the situation but there isn't much to be done about it. Hopefully we won't need to rent an additional year after this. I think I will cry some more if we do. 50,000 more shekels into the pockets of a greedy landlord rather than to our house. *sob* At least he agreed to 'only' raise the rent by 100nis instead of the original 200nis that he had wanted. What a nightmare.

In happy news - I have another 3 days to finish catering a party for 40 people and I found a great new cake recipe that works fairly nicely with oil and doesn't need a 'juice' to flavor it which means that I can make it with just a bowl and a spatula. Yay, kitchen win!