Monday, May 25, 2015

Meshulash =/= square

Last week was spent dreaming of dairy, cooking dairy, and staying out of the heat thanks to a ridiculous heatwave that took temperatures up into the 40s (I mean 40s Celcius...)
The kitchen may have been a disaster, I may have cooked up three batches of caramel (working on it without a thermometer), the house may have take three days to get back in order. But we had enough desserts prepared to keep us sugar-high and moving until it was done.
We opted to stay home for the first part of the two-day affair. So we spent a quiet Shabbat in our cozy apartment. Z actually cooked the garlic chicken for dinner and made the shnitzel for lunch. Soup and challah came from the freezer. As previously stated - there were more than enough desserts.
On Shabbat afternoon we packed up Buzz, Curious George, and Omnom. Then in the heat of the day was made our way across town to The FamBily House. Just in time to be told that everyone was heading out to visit S&S. (Maybe we should have planned that a little better.) But with the weather hovering up near 29C, we declined the invitation to walk back to our side of town.

The holiday kicked off entertainingly enough. A nice dairy seudah shlishit before Shabbat ended then a delightful array of breads and spreads and salads for dinner. The kiddos played together nicely which was great (turns out they just need 20-something hours to get used to the idea of sharing with each other). The day dragged on but all of a sudden it was 7pm and we were enjoying a BBQ then Chag was over. We got a lift home. Buzz conked out close to 10, and I wasn't far behind.
This morning Z left for work early. Buzz is home with me, since there is no gan today. We have done arts-and-crafts, cooking, baking, played some games (yay puzzles and shapes!), played with the flowers, pretend baked/cooked, looked out the window at trucks backing up, and mostly just tried to stay cool. I think we'll spend about an hour on a water activity then have to reevaluate to find a way to use up all the other hours until Z comes home and it's bedtime again.

All I know is that I'm definitely not getting anything productive done today. That's for sure.

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