Friday, May 15, 2015

More Toup Please!

We had kind of a busy week. (What else is new?) Sunday through Tuesday we did our usual shtick and hung out at The FamBily House after gan. On Wednesay we took a #14 bus up the hill, stopped off at the makolet, bought ice cream, then enjoyed our ice cream on the walk to the park. Then we played at the park for about two hours until Buzz decided that he was done. Yesterday we tried something new. We walked over to the #18 bus stop and caught a bus around Rakefet. It dropped us off at the top of the park, but we opted to head straight home for some snacks and activities.
The activity we chose was baking. The recipe we chose was sugar cookies. I decided it would be fun to use cookie cutters and decorate the cookies. Buzz was in agreement. It kept us busy for almost two hours. Then covered with flour I dumped Buzz into the bath - where he entertained himself for an additional hour. It worked out perfectly.
We had a relatively stress-free Friday today which was really nice. I made nice easy stuff for the meals (fresh chicken soup, sesame chicken, green beans, rice pilaf, and roasted garlic for dinner. Bagels and spreads for lunch tomorrow. A big yellow rice salad for seudah-shlishit tomorrow - it's got chicken and roasted red peppers in it. I even baked a tray of turtle brownies - those are fudgey brownies with a layer of caramel on top and some toasted pecans sprinkled on top of that then a drizzle on top of that. Yeah - it sounds like a lot and it sure is - but hey, I feel like I deserve it.)
Buzz helped me set the table and he also washed the floor a second time (clearly he felt that Z hadn't done a good enough job.) He made a beautiful flower arrangement for me for Shabbat (Thanks S&S for loaning us the build-a-garden toy again!) So the house is clean and we are ready for Shabbat.

Have a great one everybody!

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