Sunday, May 10, 2015


On Friday Z and I scrambled to get stuff done. The most important task was assembling and organizing Buzz's super-special birthday/haircut present. We debated the merit of buying him a sturdy kitchen for 2 years. Last year when The Crazy Lady and The Mad Man bought him an adorable tiny kitchen we figured we would let that be the test as to whether the investment would be worthwhile. Suffice it to say - the kitchen was his favorite thing. He always ended up playing with/at it. So we went ahead and used some of his carefully hoarded birthday money to get him a sturdy wooden IKEA kitchen. It was beyond worthwhile. His reaction of excitement was precious and adorable. He was just SO excited! He played with the kitchen ALL Shabbat long. Definitely the perfect choice.
Sarah Leah joined us for Shabbos. The weather was super-hot but we stayed cool and relaxed. Buzz provided refreshments, and I provided some snacks. The day was very very very very very very long - and it's still early in the season. I miss winter Shabbatot.
Today I did a whole lot around the house. Some scanning, some cleaning, some cooking, baked some tiny cakes for some of the Moms in my life. Buzz was excited to head to The FamBily House after gan. We played with Phil and ate a whole bunch of chocolate spread. Buzz was even more excited to find out that we were going to eat some pizza for dinner at Bubby&Zaidy's house! He chomped through just shy of 2 slices of oliv-topped pizza and then scattered chocolate cake crumbs far and wide. He must be cute though because Bubby let him borrow her fun flower building toy. He only went to sleep tonight so that in the morning he can wake up and play with the flowers.
Funny things Buzz has done since getting his hair cut:
- bath time has always been a favorite time but now he loves it even more because washing his hair is way too simple - so he's been begging for baths twice a day
- his counting skills are 'improving' one, two, three, eight, nine, ten. We are SO close!
- he loves 'breakfast soup' in the morning. Breakfast soup = Cheerios with milk

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