Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Piffle Puffle Poof

I found a couple of pics from the last few weeks on my phone so I decided to share them with you:

Buzz loves to take the #14 bus up the hill. It drops us off near the makolet, and the shop has ice cream. That means ice cream to enjoy on our walk down to the park near our house. Happy days!
It's pretty cool to have three kitchen sinks. It means that each one of us can do dishes at the same time.
So, he got a haircut. Did you think that meant no more hair-focused photos? 
And now on to today...

It was H-O-T out there today. I'm not even sure what peak-temp was, but 6:30pm was bad enough.
I got to see lots of firetrucks. The ridiculously low humidity meant that the fire-brigades across the country were kept very busy.
At The FamBily House a furry critter caused disaster in the dungeon quadrant. Sababi retreated to the couch to hide from the reorganizational efforts. (The situation was eventually rectified.)
It was so hot out that Buzz refused to walk. So I did the walking for both of us. I sure was glad to be heading downhill and towards air-conditioning.
More soon! Til then, stay cool!

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