Sunday, May 03, 2015


Things have been heated here the last couple of weeks. Whether the weather or the oven or both at the same time - it's been hot and the pressure is on.

We are now in countdown mode to Lag Ba'Omer and Buzz's haircutting birthday brunch. I decided to keep the gathering small and self-cater in order to save some expense. Doing pretty well so far at approximately 18nis/person. It's going to be fairly simple but hopefully tasty. Today I started baking the layers of Buzz's highly-requested and much-anticipated rainbow cake. We're going 6 cakes high with fluffy white buttercream between each color. Hopefully that'll all work out. Hopefully.

The freezers are starting to fill up but I know that by the end of the week I'm on target to shut off the spare freezer in the living room until Rosh Hashana prep kicks off in a few short months from now.

Good news from the pediatric pulmonologist this morning - we can stop using Buzz's steroid inhalers and just keep his ventolin puffer handy in case of any attacks.

This week has been kind of hellish with allergy season striking hard - Buzz has been coughing everywhere and all the time - of course that means ALL night long too. So, no sleep for anybody here. Luckily I haven't burnt the place down - considering all the cooking I've been doing on no sleep.

Buzz is still surprising us with his ever-broadening vocabulary. Today he finally figured out how to use the word 'me' rather than referring to himself in the third person. As much as I love hearing him say his own name ('Booo-wad' is endearing but we really need to get the 'Z' sound down pat) it's exciting that grammar and sentence structure are actually sinking in. He's like a tiny science experiment. I love watching him grow and advance.

On tomorrow's agenda - baking the last four cake layers (green, yellow, blue, and purple), and making 2 FF quiches. I've also got to clean the house up and make it look presentable since the landlord is coming over. We'll be signing on to rent for another year. I am decidedly unhappy about the situation but there isn't much to be done about it. Hopefully we won't need to rent an additional year after this. I think I will cry some more if we do. 50,000 more shekels into the pockets of a greedy landlord rather than to our house. *sob* At least he agreed to 'only' raise the rent by 100nis instead of the original 200nis that he had wanted. What a nightmare.

In happy news - I have another 3 days to finish catering a party for 40 people and I found a great new cake recipe that works fairly nicely with oil and doesn't need a 'juice' to flavor it which means that I can make it with just a bowl and a spatula. Yay, kitchen win!

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