Tuesday, June 30, 2015

30 is the new 20?

The day was long but nice enough. After gan pickup we went to The FamBily House. The FamBily made my birthday super-special. Phil made/gave me a batch of ff tortillas as a gift. The Crazy Lady made a birthday dinner - shnitzel, yellow rice, fries, and deliciousness! Dessert was a cookie-cake which I loved!
Phil slept over so that we could watch a movie. I fell asleep halfway through it but we finished it over breakfast. It was a great way to start my day! And of course I have leftover birthday cookies to nosh on alllll day!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Chips and Volts

This morning Frank agreed to help us shlep our new futon home. We bought it secondhand from friends of ours and it's going to be perfect for either our sunroom or one of our spare bedrooms.
After some dishwashing and straightening up it was time to head out to pick Buzz up from gan.
We had to stop at the post office to mail a package. Of course Buzz asked adorably for some pizza from the place right next-door to the post office. They had one slice with olives left so we called it fate and enjoyed the cool weather while he feasted.
Back at home we finished the cooking and the cleaning. Shabbos is on the way, just another hour to go until early candle-lighting time. I am very excited for the chicken soup - it smells delicious!
Wishing everybody a Shabbat Shalom! 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Aye Tundishuning

Construction continues apace outside my bedroom window. Likewise our house is coming along - on Sunday we'll officially have a basement floor! (For the moment it's just a whole lot of waterproofing and insulation.)
I almost can't remember what happened this week. Who am I kidding? I actually can't remember what happened this week. There was an online shopping order, a bunch of cleaning, some digital reorganization, S&S time, a lot of brownie crumbs, and a lot of chicken for meals.
My brain is a little shot due to not-quite-enough sleep this week. So I'm having trouble thinking of interesting and/or witty things to type.
Today at Gan pickup I asked Buzz to smile big and this is what I got:
The kid is a goofball to say the very least. He is very excited about next week being strictly Ima&Buzz time. I'm sure he'll change his tune when he realizes what that entails (namely Abba not being home for a whole week.) Hopefully it will go smoothly and quickly. Never have I been so exited for the second week of July.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ceramic Modern Bottom Pot Newest!

 I left you getting all geared up for the BBQ, which didn't end up taking place until Thursday. 

But Wednesday was waaaay more exciting. At a little after 1 pm I heard the crackling of a brush-fire. Further investigation revealed that a huge swath of foliage was ablaze on the main road above my building. (Mind you, if I'm being honest, I only looked for the fire after a glance out the window revealed ash floating past on a gentle smoke-hazed breeze.) Nonetheless, there most certainly was a fire, and a roaring hot one at that. I did my civic duty and called the fire department to report the incident. 
The dispatcher responded by asking which fire I was referring to. Confounded by the question, I made my way to the living room to close the window and as I did I noticed another blaze on the opposite side of the building in the field. So I replied that now I was calling in regard to TWO fires. The dispatcher laughed and said not to worry, the truck was on its way. I returned to my bedroom and watched a graceful old palm tree in somebody's backyard go up in flames. Finally the firetruck arrived and started dealing with the situation.
Eventually the top fire was under control and the truck went around to deal with the fire in the field. Only then did I notice that a crew was hard at work clearing out the migrash next to our building. This section of neighborhood was originally zoned for 5 buildings, but only 4 were constructed. It looks like somebody finally remembered the fifth one and now we will have the honor of construction noise outside our bedroom window until we finally get out of this place. Hello noise, hello dust, hello Blech.
In happier news - the BBQ was quite the excellent success. All that even though it was postponed from Wednesday night (due to a graduation and award ceremony at Dibble's school). 
The food turned out deliciously. And the cake was amaaaazing - even though it self-destructed on account of lack of gluten-matrix thanks to being baked with barley flour.
Shabbos was fun(ny). I was an absolute lazy bum about cooking. I pulled chicken soup out of the freezer for Firday night and dinner consisted of that broth, leftover chicken from the BBQ, and some yellow rice from Wednesday night. Shabbos lunch was a bowl of tuna, some cheddar cheese, and a potato gratin (which was the only thing I actually cooked on Friday.) Extreme laziness - but it's not like we starved. I mean, we were full and the food was tasty. I probably won't do that again any time soon though. It was extremely anticlimactic as far as Shabbos food goes.

We walked over to The FamBily House on Shabbos afternoon. Buzz wore Curious George on his back in a makeshift-mitpachat torso carry - having the monkey on his back meant that he was forced to walk the whole way. It was sneaky but brilliant.

We hung out for a few hours, played a game of Settlers, ate some snacks, then we made our way to The 'Yellow Park' (the jumbo park at the bottom of Hadekel). After the park we decided to walk home so that we could get Buzz to bed at a decent hour. It worked out perfectly. We made it home and Buzz crashed by 8:15, it was great. (Well, if you discount the fact that he woke up screaming for us twice in the middle of the night.)
Today was productive. I finished scanning the three-hundredth file in my quest for digitizing our family-history. Not gonna lie, it's been absolutely fascinating to see all of these documents. Before this I didn't know what color eyes my great-grandmother had, or that she was older than my Zaidy, or the names of my great-great-grandparents... Very cool facts. And seeing all of my Grandfather's awards and certificates and school-related-paraphernalia helped me figure out where Freddie and Phil got their craaaazy over-achiever genes from. (I've yet to figure out where my slacker-genes come from - though Z says I'm an overachiever when I want to be. I suspect he's just trying to make me feel better.)

Today is the summer solstice and the weather was beautiful. I hope tomorrow is just as nice. I'm busy gearing up for my birthdays. This week is pretty busy: haircuts, dr appts, meetings about the house, file deliveries, and other stuff that I'm not remembering right now. My Hebrew birthday falls out this coming Shabbos. The Z leaves for miluim early next Sunday morning and I'm on call with Buzz by myself for an entire week. *gulp* slightly terrifying, but at least he's still got gan and I'll have the car.

Trying not to freak out about next week just yet though. I've got to get through this one first!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sababi's Supper Service!

They drilled and started pouring concrete for the foundations! Eeeeep!!! It is too exciting!
This morning I baked up a batch of burger buns and hotdog rolls. Now we just need some BBQ sauce and we are in business for the bday/welcome home dinner tomorrow night!
Our walk home from gan today was documented by my tiny photographer. Buzz LOVES taking pictures. Whenever he can convince me to unlock my iPad or phone all he wants to do is document the events of the day. Today I let him shoot scenes along the way home.
The world from the perspective of a three year old is decidedly fascinating. I love how he sees things that most adults wouldn't bother stopping to notice because they're too tall or in too much of a rush to get wherever they're going. I also love how mundane random things are captivating to children. He points out the water main and pipes every single day when we pass them - he was indescribably happy to photograph them today.
I guess I rate. He made me stop, then turn around and be a little to the left and a little to the right, and 'gummy bears!!!'. At least I was (still) smiling. 
At The FamBily House I cooked up a batch of yellow rice with veggies, and I tucked the buns into the freezer for tomorrow. Buzz enjoyed his chocolate peanut butter sandwich very much. Then as Sababi prepped dinner for the Dibble, Buzz helped himself to the bounty, and a cucumber and corn-Tivol later Sababi had to make new dinner for Dibble.
Tomorrow I have to make BBQ sauce and marinate the meat! Speaking of which I should pull it out of the freezer to defrost overnight. I'm really excited for tomorrow evening!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy 55 Twinsies!

Been a busy week what with The Crazy Lady impounded and grafted. We've been holding down the forts with any scotch tape we could find. Shabbos was nice enough. We hosted a vast majority of The FamBily males at our place for Friday night dinner. Then we wandered across town for brunch at their place. We hung out in their a/c aaaaalllll day long, then got a ride home after havdala.
Yesterday Ayala stopped by in the early afternoon. She returned the mattress that they had borrowed, and hung out for a bit. It worked out in my favor because it's fun to have someone to hang out with and as a perk she had the car so I got a ride to gan pickup and saved myself a sweaty walk across town.
In exciting news we are progressing with our project. Now we are counting down the months to a shiny new place!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What else?

Today was going pretty well until...

- The quadcopter flew into a shrub and ended up under the front-stairs and I had to crawl through spiderwebs to retrieve it.

- People were selfish and lazy and made a ton more work for me.

- I ran out of freezer space because I can't eat any of the delicious things that are in my freezer because my body hates me.

- The only thing I had in my house to eat for dinner was French Fries and I accidentally over-salted them and then burnt them but had to eat them anyway in account of lack of other options.

- The cheese drawer from my fridge fell on the floor and cracked in half.

- A full-length shelf from my fridge fell over and shattered into a million billion pieces everywhere from my dining room to my bedroom and everywhere in between - then it had to get cleaned up.

I'm following the instructions on my bottle of Tylenol:

"Take 2, and keep away from children."

Maybe that will help.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Musically Inclined

A slightly cheerier post than yesterday. Don't worry - we're on the mend here. Here's a picture from last Thursday while Buzz was home 'sick' but really he was just home sharing his germs with me. Isn't he a generous boy?
This morning I woke up to Buzz counting. He was lying in my bed and I heard him saying, "one polka dot, two polka dot, three polka dot, four polka dot..." I finally gathered up enough strength to turn over and found him counting freckles on Z's arm. It was pretty amusing. (Remember how last week he tried to clean the 'dirt' off of my cheek? I guess he finally figured out that they don't come off.)
Today I straightened up select parts of the house. Tomorrow hopefully I'll have more strength and will get even more stuff back in order. (Gosh those guys make a mess when left to their own devices for 2 days.)

Happy Hebrew Birthday to Sababi and our Doda!

Sunday, June 07, 2015

The Thing

Friday was busy but also relaxed. There was no stress because majority of the work was done on Thursday. Food got made, house got cleaned, kid got bathed. It was very impressive.

Friday night Buzz crashed at 7:30. He was obviously wiped out after the virus and a long long day. I crashed at 9pm, also clearly exhausted from getting stuff done.

Shabbos morning started regularly enough. By noon I was feeling out of sorts. By 1pm it was pretty obvious that I'd contracted the virus that Buzz had just gotten over. I spent the remainder of the day and following night shivering/sweating with fever and wishing that it would just be over.

I'm not feeling significantly better today, which kind of stinks, a lot. The house will just have to stay messy while I slowly sip at chicken broth and iced tea to avoid dehydration. I REALLY don't want to end up needing IV fluids again.

I'm going to try to nap - I'm running on about two hours of broken sleep from last night. Blarg.

Hopefully the rest of the week will be better. Even though it is supposed to be broiling hot outside.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Bye, Steve!

We kicked off the week with gluten-free grilled cheese stuffed with White English Cheddar. Of course we made it in a pan. Authenticity is key.

There was the day that Frank 'maliciously' shpritzed a spray bottle in the same room as Buzz and made him so grumpy that he lay down in a tiny ball on the kitchen floor and took a nap.
Another day Buzz insisted that coloring was the afternoon activity of the day. But then the pencil only worked if I was using it and he got very busy peeling recalcitrant stickers from their page. (Please note the intense look of concentration, complete with tongue out...)
Later that same day Buzz insisted that George would only go to sleep if he wore him on his back in the toddler-sized Tula carrier. As you can see Buzz didn't get overly great back support and Geroge was less than ergonomically situated - but they were both quite happy nonetheless.

This was also the day on which I managed to capture Buzz's inquisitive little, "eh, mah zeh?!" With my voice recorder. I set the sound file as the notification tone on my phone for whenever a message gets delivered. It cracks me up every single time. The only thing funnier is that whenever Buzz hears it he automatically says, "umm, Buzz, mah zeh?!" Then they ping pong back and forth however many times the tone sounds as messages pour in. (Basically, if you want to make me laugh, send me a whatsapp message.)
Early Wednesday afternoon Buzz's teacher called to say that Buzz felt slightly warm and that he was grumpy. We picked him up and diagnosed him with a slight case of the 'out of sorts'. Nothing really of note besides for body temperature elevated by one whole degree - but he sure was happy to be home.

Wednesday afternoon we finally finally finally committed to our fancy dancy project. Work begins this coming week and hopefully we'll see the end results in less than a year from now.

Wednesday night The Crazy Lady cooked up an awesome 'congratulatory bbq' in honor of the signing and because, well, we like to eat dinner.
Yesterday Buzz stayed home with me all day. We kicked off the morning with washing the porch and about two hours of 'water play'. After emptying all of the cups/buckets/containers and shaking off the table, we went inside and Buzz announced that he was 'dirty' from all of the hard work he had done. He insisted that it was bathtime. An hour later he was clean and his fingers were extremely wrinkled which he made a point of showing me.

We straightened up his toys, 'baked' some cakes in his kitchen, did some laundry, listened to some music, read some books, did some puzzles, paired some socks, wandered up and down the hall.... And generally kept ourselves busy until Z got home from work.

Buzz actually took a 3-hour nap in the afternoon so it was no surprise that he was brimming with energy at 6pm. Z took him out to the park while I prepped dinner. They were happy to eat when they got home then Buzz held out until around 10:30pm.

This week's shabbos meals are brought to us by findings from the great freezer reorganization of June 2015. I found half a chicken, two chicken carcasses and a neck, 440 grams of chopped meat, and assorted cookies. Yesterday I cooked up 3.5 liters of chicken stock, made a meat lasagna, prepped the leg & thigh for Friday night, the breast for Shabbat lunch, and with the challah rolls and cookies in the freezer we are pretty much set.

I was pretty impressed with myself. We spent a whopping total of 26nis on groceries this week. Hopefully next week can be as frugal.