Thursday, June 25, 2015

Aye Tundishuning

Construction continues apace outside my bedroom window. Likewise our house is coming along - on Sunday we'll officially have a basement floor! (For the moment it's just a whole lot of waterproofing and insulation.)
I almost can't remember what happened this week. Who am I kidding? I actually can't remember what happened this week. There was an online shopping order, a bunch of cleaning, some digital reorganization, S&S time, a lot of brownie crumbs, and a lot of chicken for meals.
My brain is a little shot due to not-quite-enough sleep this week. So I'm having trouble thinking of interesting and/or witty things to type.
Today at Gan pickup I asked Buzz to smile big and this is what I got:
The kid is a goofball to say the very least. He is very excited about next week being strictly Ima&Buzz time. I'm sure he'll change his tune when he realizes what that entails (namely Abba not being home for a whole week.) Hopefully it will go smoothly and quickly. Never have I been so exited for the second week of July.

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