Friday, June 05, 2015

Bye, Steve!

We kicked off the week with gluten-free grilled cheese stuffed with White English Cheddar. Of course we made it in a pan. Authenticity is key.

There was the day that Frank 'maliciously' shpritzed a spray bottle in the same room as Buzz and made him so grumpy that he lay down in a tiny ball on the kitchen floor and took a nap.
Another day Buzz insisted that coloring was the afternoon activity of the day. But then the pencil only worked if I was using it and he got very busy peeling recalcitrant stickers from their page. (Please note the intense look of concentration, complete with tongue out...)
Later that same day Buzz insisted that George would only go to sleep if he wore him on his back in the toddler-sized Tula carrier. As you can see Buzz didn't get overly great back support and Geroge was less than ergonomically situated - but they were both quite happy nonetheless.

This was also the day on which I managed to capture Buzz's inquisitive little, "eh, mah zeh?!" With my voice recorder. I set the sound file as the notification tone on my phone for whenever a message gets delivered. It cracks me up every single time. The only thing funnier is that whenever Buzz hears it he automatically says, "umm, Buzz, mah zeh?!" Then they ping pong back and forth however many times the tone sounds as messages pour in. (Basically, if you want to make me laugh, send me a whatsapp message.)
Early Wednesday afternoon Buzz's teacher called to say that Buzz felt slightly warm and that he was grumpy. We picked him up and diagnosed him with a slight case of the 'out of sorts'. Nothing really of note besides for body temperature elevated by one whole degree - but he sure was happy to be home.

Wednesday afternoon we finally finally finally committed to our fancy dancy project. Work begins this coming week and hopefully we'll see the end results in less than a year from now.

Wednesday night The Crazy Lady cooked up an awesome 'congratulatory bbq' in honor of the signing and because, well, we like to eat dinner.
Yesterday Buzz stayed home with me all day. We kicked off the morning with washing the porch and about two hours of 'water play'. After emptying all of the cups/buckets/containers and shaking off the table, we went inside and Buzz announced that he was 'dirty' from all of the hard work he had done. He insisted that it was bathtime. An hour later he was clean and his fingers were extremely wrinkled which he made a point of showing me.

We straightened up his toys, 'baked' some cakes in his kitchen, did some laundry, listened to some music, read some books, did some puzzles, paired some socks, wandered up and down the hall.... And generally kept ourselves busy until Z got home from work.

Buzz actually took a 3-hour nap in the afternoon so it was no surprise that he was brimming with energy at 6pm. Z took him out to the park while I prepped dinner. They were happy to eat when they got home then Buzz held out until around 10:30pm.

This week's shabbos meals are brought to us by findings from the great freezer reorganization of June 2015. I found half a chicken, two chicken carcasses and a neck, 440 grams of chopped meat, and assorted cookies. Yesterday I cooked up 3.5 liters of chicken stock, made a meat lasagna, prepped the leg & thigh for Friday night, the breast for Shabbat lunch, and with the challah rolls and cookies in the freezer we are pretty much set.

I was pretty impressed with myself. We spent a whopping total of 26nis on groceries this week. Hopefully next week can be as frugal.

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