Friday, June 26, 2015

Chips and Volts

This morning Frank agreed to help us shlep our new futon home. We bought it secondhand from friends of ours and it's going to be perfect for either our sunroom or one of our spare bedrooms.
After some dishwashing and straightening up it was time to head out to pick Buzz up from gan.
We had to stop at the post office to mail a package. Of course Buzz asked adorably for some pizza from the place right next-door to the post office. They had one slice with olives left so we called it fate and enjoyed the cool weather while he feasted.
Back at home we finished the cooking and the cleaning. Shabbos is on the way, just another hour to go until early candle-lighting time. I am very excited for the chicken soup - it smells delicious!
Wishing everybody a Shabbat Shalom! 

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