Monday, June 08, 2015

Musically Inclined

A slightly cheerier post than yesterday. Don't worry - we're on the mend here. Here's a picture from last Thursday while Buzz was home 'sick' but really he was just home sharing his germs with me. Isn't he a generous boy?
This morning I woke up to Buzz counting. He was lying in my bed and I heard him saying, "one polka dot, two polka dot, three polka dot, four polka dot..." I finally gathered up enough strength to turn over and found him counting freckles on Z's arm. It was pretty amusing. (Remember how last week he tried to clean the 'dirt' off of my cheek? I guess he finally figured out that they don't come off.)
Today I straightened up select parts of the house. Tomorrow hopefully I'll have more strength and will get even more stuff back in order. (Gosh those guys make a mess when left to their own devices for 2 days.)

Happy Hebrew Birthday to Sababi and our Doda!

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