Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sababi's Supper Service!

They drilled and started pouring concrete for the foundations! Eeeeep!!! It is too exciting!
This morning I baked up a batch of burger buns and hotdog rolls. Now we just need some BBQ sauce and we are in business for the bday/welcome home dinner tomorrow night!
Our walk home from gan today was documented by my tiny photographer. Buzz LOVES taking pictures. Whenever he can convince me to unlock my iPad or phone all he wants to do is document the events of the day. Today I let him shoot scenes along the way home.
The world from the perspective of a three year old is decidedly fascinating. I love how he sees things that most adults wouldn't bother stopping to notice because they're too tall or in too much of a rush to get wherever they're going. I also love how mundane random things are captivating to children. He points out the water main and pipes every single day when we pass them - he was indescribably happy to photograph them today.
I guess I rate. He made me stop, then turn around and be a little to the left and a little to the right, and 'gummy bears!!!'. At least I was (still) smiling. 
At The FamBily House I cooked up a batch of yellow rice with veggies, and I tucked the buns into the freezer for tomorrow. Buzz enjoyed his chocolate peanut butter sandwich very much. Then as Sababi prepped dinner for the Dibble, Buzz helped himself to the bounty, and a cucumber and corn-Tivol later Sababi had to make new dinner for Dibble.
Tomorrow I have to make BBQ sauce and marinate the meat! Speaking of which I should pull it out of the freezer to defrost overnight. I'm really excited for tomorrow evening!

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