Sunday, June 07, 2015

The Thing

Friday was busy but also relaxed. There was no stress because majority of the work was done on Thursday. Food got made, house got cleaned, kid got bathed. It was very impressive.

Friday night Buzz crashed at 7:30. He was obviously wiped out after the virus and a long long day. I crashed at 9pm, also clearly exhausted from getting stuff done.

Shabbos morning started regularly enough. By noon I was feeling out of sorts. By 1pm it was pretty obvious that I'd contracted the virus that Buzz had just gotten over. I spent the remainder of the day and following night shivering/sweating with fever and wishing that it would just be over.

I'm not feeling significantly better today, which kind of stinks, a lot. The house will just have to stay messy while I slowly sip at chicken broth and iced tea to avoid dehydration. I REALLY don't want to end up needing IV fluids again.

I'm going to try to nap - I'm running on about two hours of broken sleep from last night. Blarg.

Hopefully the rest of the week will be better. Even though it is supposed to be broiling hot outside.

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